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Bob Beckle is Awesome.

On the most recent edition of The Five, Eric Bolling was doing his very best to link Herman Cain’s recent revelations of sexual indiscretions to be nothing more than an attack by the Democratic organization. Fellow panel member and sole liberal on the show, Bob Beckle, was having none of it.

 “For you to suggest for a minute that the Democrats are the ones behind the taking apart of conservatives is just outrageous! The fact of the matter is I was — I have defended Herman Cain for the last week — I do not now after he made these allegation[s] about the Democratic organization that is behind this. Herman, it’s not us, it’s Republicans doing it to you!” – Beckle

The idea the Democrats would already be tearing into the Republicans at this point of the election cycle was a claim that struck me as odd. I mean, this is when the Republicans destroy each other for failure to adhere to the rightest of positions before eventually moderating their message and consolidating under the banner of the nominee in search of the independent vote. Bolling would just rather blame it on the left, so as to adhere to the Almighty Rush’s recent doctrine of “Defend Cain not matter what,” because politics is apparently more important that sexual exploitation.

 “There were 23,000 document dumps, they’d find something.” Bolling continued.

 “Who did that?!” Beckel hollered. “Who did that? Are you suggesting that’s Democrats?

“Unequivocally!” Bolling answered.

“Do you have proof?” Beckel asked.

“I don’t have proof…” Bolling conceded.

“Of course you don’t!” Beckel boomed.

As a recent Entertainment Weekly article pointed out, The Five is going a long way to fill the crazy gap left by the departure of Glenn Beck. Normally the show is another echo chamber of Republican thought and has taken to make a point of bashing OWS lately. However, it is always refreshing to see that some bullshit is actually called out for being bullshit. Head on over to Mediaite to see the video of the exchange.

Note to readers: Some people have let it be known that my old font of choice was a little hard to read. In deference to those who don’t have my computers hands free zoom function, I am going to play around with different font until I find something that everyone can enjoy. Let me know via comment, twitter, or email if the new font works for you.

(Source and quotes : Mediaite)



  1. Crudely Wrott says

    For myself and for all those who have been squinting, thank you very much for the new font and size.

    Now I don’t have to change glasses to read your posts.

    Say, I ought to try to catch this Beckel fellow. On Fox, you say?

    • says

      From what I understand The Five comes on in the early afternoon. Bob is the older guy of the group. Since you can only be a lib (and a moderate one at that) on Fox if your the oldest person and must be surrounded by pretty ladies and younger men and it must show geared towards a much younger demographic. /rage. Still he is a voice of reason on a panel that likes to wildly speculate.

  2. Lynda M O says

    “…In ‘difference’ to those who don’t have my computers hands free zoom …”

    That’s ‘deference’, no?

  3. Timid Atheist says

    I’m rather sad about the font changing. I actually liked that one.

    As for this new show that replaced Beck, I’d not heard of it before now. I’m honestly a bit shocked they have a liberal on there. Though I am not surprised he’s out numbered greatly. Is he ever shouted down or used as a stand in for all liberals? I’d be curious as to how fair they actually treat him. I’ve never known Fox to not be biased, but I’m willing to be pleasantly surprised.

  4. says

    The idea the Democrats would already be tearing into the Republicans at this point of the election cycle was a claim that struck me as odd.

    Indeed! That was my first reaction too. In fact, a few days ago, I was just saying to my wife that it’s too bad these allegations about Herman Cain didn’t surface until after the primary. Preferably October 2012?

    And do these idiots really think Democrats would prefer to face Romney over Cain in a general election??? Sad to say, if the economy remains the way it is, a Romney-Obama contest is probably not winnable for he Dems (barring any surprise game-changers, of course). Cain-Obama, though? Now we’re talking. That might be a winnable fight.

    Oh, and font-wise: I slightly prefer this one, didn’t have a big problem with the old one but I understand why people did and this one is probably a lot better.

    • says

      Let me amplify what I said: If Democratic operatives had discovered this information, there is little doubt they would keep it secret, and then use it if/when Cain won the primary. To suggest otherwise is just stupid.

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