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Right-Wing Facebook “Themis” Looms

So you will never have to see dissenting ideas ever again.

Most of my readers will be familiar with Conservapedia, the ultra-right online encyclopedia created when Wikipedia was deemed to be overrun with reality’s “liberal bias.” Now the Koch brothers have announced their intent to set up a social networking site for like minded individuals. On the face of the issue, I don’t have any problems with yet another wingnut website being established. It will be yet another place to troll in search of my nightly blog fodder.

But this speaks to a deeper issue now becoming more prevalent on the internet; people are having almost all popular services served to them by ideologically safe alternatives. From dating sites, to tube channels, to social media sites, it is now increasingly easy to get almost all of one’s internet needs without seeing anything that conflicts with your worldview.

Some sites are made to have a bent, Freethought Blogs for example is a mostly a lil’ bit left. But that makes sense because it deals with commenting on religious and political issues. But to never see something that has the chance to piss you off defeats much of what I think the internet means to its users. I love dissenting ideas, I may not agree with them the majority of the time but I feel that there is a need to understand what people who disagree with me think and why they think that. If the internet continues to get subdivided and our politics continue to harden, we may lose another vital means to talk openly to the other side of an issue. And I don’t think that is a very good thing.

What do you think?

(Source: Mogulite)