1. ambulocetacean says

    Um… is the whole Anonymous thing really likely to achieve anything?

    If I was to just go and throw a bunch of bricks through the windows of Sony, Scientology and Rupert Murdoch, wouldn’t I be doing basically the same thing?

    Anonymous, Wikileaks, Occupy Wall Street… It all seems like “We’re mad as hell but we have no coherent demands or vision, much less anything resembling draft legislation.”

    Or am I missing something basic and big?

    • ambulocetacean says

      I mean, I’m not getting the vibe that there’s some American “Arab Spring” happening here…

      • says

        I view it as a new means of individuals being able to exercise increasing power through technology. More and more, having a good knowledge of programing is enabling ones voice to heard. This may been the future of cyber protesting.

        As far as actual change, I think my generation is far to young to articulate how we want things to change or understand the “system” well enought to effectivly see those changes come to pass. But, we are getting there.

  2. morejello says

    I find it unfortunate that Anon has picked up the Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta as a symbol and that it has migrated to the various Occupy movements as well. Fawkes was a religous terrorist, and it would do us good to remember that.

  3. den1s says

    I thought Anon was going to make a huge release of info on the 5th to out the Zitas cartel etc. I’ve seen nothing more of it.

    • says

      only dox that have come out of it are against a random american and those are of dubious quality. the story twitter has settled in was this might have been a hoax by one @barrettbrownLOL

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