Al Jazeera English on OWS

Well versed from the Arab Spring, AJE devotes a section to OWS.


Al Jazeera English has been covering the events of the Arab Spring in great detail, giving each country a section where live blogs are created and maintained, social media is congregated, and commentary is provided. This had led to some of the best reporting of events in the region. Everything from the stance of Islamists to post regime change politics is covered in detail. I mean, how many of us are aware that in Egypt, former political opponents of the deposed president might be restricted from voting because they a technically criminals?

There is now a section for America. (and its pretty good). Check out how the movement is being portrayed in the Arab Sphere of the Middle East and Northern Africa, by the English version, at least.

Al Jazeera does Occupy Wall Street.


Al Jazeera does Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Bahrain, South Sudan, Ivory Coast, Kashmir, and The E.U.

(Source: AJE)


  1. davidct says

    I find the news from AJE to be very informative. I have found the coverage of US issues to also useful.

  2. sailor1031 says

    AJ is one of the best news networks. I wish also I could get more RT, Deutsche Welle & France 24 for more of the real news that doesn’t make it into the self-absorbed USA media.

  3. F says

    Yes, very nice coverage. Another thing I admire about Al Jazeera is their website. They don’t require that you allow a crapton of scripts from the main domain and a host of others for 99% of the content on the site to function.

    AJ generally seems to do news very well. Thanks for the pointer.

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