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The Five Spin Income Inequality.

Every night at midnight chow (or as I call it ‘lunch’), My fellow officers of my little group (The Knights of Liberalism/ Obama Brown Shirts; depending on who you ask) sit around one of the few TV’s to watch the Fox News program The Five. Our Intel guy watches it for the eye candy, the PSD guy watches it to get angry enough to go out the wire for a patrol ready to kill something, and I watch it for blog fodder. None of us are ever disappointed.

So I almost spit out my crap legs (a huge upgrade from the MRE diet in Mosul, FSM bless the Department of State) when The Five took on the recent CBO report and did their very best to spin the massive income inequality in the United States as a good thing.

The CIA World Factbook maintains its own GIDI index of Distribution of Family Income by Country. The GIDI index runs from 20 to 70 with the higher number signifying greater inequity. America’s score is a 45.3, a score recorded before the financial collapse that further moved wealth into the hands of the 1%. The United States is a less equitable society than Iran, Nigeria, Russia, China, Venezuela, Tunisia (under Ben Ali), Yemen, Albania, and Egypt(under Mubarak), just to name a few.

Out of 136 ranked nations, the U.S. is 39th…from the bottom. And this is a good thing according to Fox when they discussed the most recent CBO report, which stated that income inequality continues to grow. Welcome to a new Gilded Age.

ERIC BOLLING (co-host): Everyone’s doing better.


GREG GUTFELD (co-host): The big news here is that people moved from class to class. It is not a static class-warfare problem. People moved from lower to middle, middle to upper. That’s the real story, it’s a happy story.


ANDREA TANTAROS (co-host): So what. Who cares? You know what? This administration is so focused on one of the seven deadly sins: greed. That’s all they focus on. They don’t focus on the other one like envy. You know what, it’s time that people actually get off their butts and work.


KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE (co-host): This is a positive report. This show, like Greg said, that there’s movement, that people are jumping from one class to the next. Isn’t this what America’s about? To try and do better? To want to be the person that does better for your family, for yourself? To encourage people to go out there and work hard? That’s the American Dream. And when you have money, it’s easier to make money.

But, of course, any income inequality can be explained away as the effects of our socialist government retarding growth and could never take second seat to effects of capitalism.

Although an increasing concentration of market income was the primary force behind growing inequality in the distribution of after-tax household income, shifts in government transfers (cash payments to individuals and estimates of the value of in-kind benefits) and federal taxes also contributed to that increase in inequality. CBO estimates that the dispersion of market income grew by about one-quarter between 1979 and 2007,while the dispersion of after-tax income grew by about one-third. – CBO

America. Fuck Yea.

(Sources: CBO, CIA, Media Matters)


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    You’ve got an error in this post: you say: “Tunisia (under Gaddafi)” — I assume you mean “Libya (under Gaddafi)” or “Tunisia (under Ben Ali)”. As small a mistake as that is, as people devoted to reality, we’ve got to check each other about this stuff.

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