Beck and I Agree

The 5th Sign of the End Times.

The Blaze has posted an interview that Glenn conducted with Texas Gun Shop owner Crockett Keller over Keller’s refusal to teach any non-Christians, liberals, Arabs, or Muslims in conceal and carry classes offered at his store.

Beck took Keller to task over his blanket condemnation of 1.5 billion people as all being terrorists. He then implored the Texan to judge each individual by their merits rather than being a member of a certain social group. However, his streak of humanity did not include Liberals, which remained a point of levity and common group between the speakers.

Beck’s legion of commenters ended up siding with Keller and the “All Muslims are Evil” meme. Comments follow:

One Muslim is a killer and the other not. That is the way it is. There is virtually no way to tell the difference between them until one of them kills. This instructor is using good common sense and will only err on the safe side. He is doing his job absolutely perfect. If he trained both Muslims knowing that one may be a killer, he would be careless. Always err on the safe side when using or training to use guns. Nearly half of all Muslims favor suicide bombings.

Thank God for Mr. Keller who has the common sense to know when there may be a danger to himself or others. Have we become so PC that our own safety is now in jeopardy? What has to happen to make people realize this country is underseige from muslim terrorists? Yes, they can act like they are your nice neighbor next door. For those who claim they are not terrorists and are peace loving, they of all people should understand our fears. If they don’t get it, then they can go back to the country they came from. It’s time someone takes a stand for America and the safety of the American people for a change. Thank you Mr. Keller for being that person!!!

In addition, the Texas Department of Public Safety has started an investigation in to Keller’s business practices. Though Keller now claims that the ad which started this ordeal was only intended to be seen by his close-knit demographically homogenous small “Real America” town. Let that be a lesson on the internet, geography can no longer contain the stupid to tiny areas.

(Source: The Blaze)


  1. plum grenville says

    How does it make it any better that Keller only broadcast this ad to his “demographically homogenous small town”? Is it only bigoted if there are some Muslims/Arabs/non-Christians/liberals around to hear you?

    I remember a similar case a couple of years ago of a gun class instructor in some fairly redneck state who asked people who signed up how they voted and if somebody said Democrat, he’d tell them he didn’t want them in the class. Somebody this had happened to went public with it.

    IIRC, the state official responsible for approving volunteer gun instructors immediately made a public announcement that this was unacceptable behaviour and pulled the guy’s approval within a couple of days. I hope there’s an enlightened official in this case as well.

  2. F says

    There is virtually no way to tell the difference between them until one of them kills.

    But with everyone else, you know, there’s this little sign on their foreheads so you can tell before they kill, which was why the murder rate was nearly zero before 2001.

  3. had3 says

    Well, the sign on the forehead may be in ash so that you might have a clue with the overtly zealous xians who espouse violent rhetoric against abortion clinics.

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