Anonymous Takes On Mexican Cartels and Takes Down Pedophiles

We are Legion.

One of the trickier places to hide on the internets is the Tor network, a volunteer run distributed network that allows users to bypass some measures of internet censorship and monitoring. But it has never been as clever as its users hoped. Traffic going into and out of the network can be intercepted and read, despite promises of anonymity. If you are just using Tor net for benign reasons, then you are safe enough under the “school of phish” rule. But, say if you were using the network for moving around vast amounts of kiddie porn, you stick out.

Anonymous saw that nail sticking out, and ripped out the nail before showing the world their catch. They have taken down over 40 Pedo-Bear approved child porn websites and revealed the indentifying information of 1,589 creeps.

Operation Darknet = Win.

More recently, a video attributed to anonymous has warned the Zetas Mexican drug cartel to release a fellow hacktavist who was kidnapped from a street protest. If the hacker is not released, Anonymous is threatening to release identities and addresses of the cartel’s associates from the full spectrum of cartel affiliates, from the lowest informer to governmental contacts. This information is presumed to already be exfiltrated. However, due to the structure of Anonymous, I am always hesitant to attribute a claim to the group until it happens. /b/ is not your personal army.

“Anonymous from Veracruz, Mexico, and the world, we want you to know that a member has been kidnapped when he was doing Paperstorm in our city.

We demand his release. We want the army and the navy to know that we are fed up of the criminal group Zetas, who have concentrated on kidnapping, stealing and blackmailing in different ways. One of them is charging every honest and hardworking citizen of Veracruz who busts their rears working day after day to feed their families.

We are fed up of journalists and newspapers of Xalapa, Córdoba and Orizaba because they are constantly crapping on honest authorities like the army and the navy.

We are fed up with taxi drivers, commanders and “police-zetas” officers of Xalapa, Córdoba, Orizaba, Nogales, Río Blanco and Camerinos… who are chickens and have made themselves the most loyal servants of these (expletive).

For the time being, we won´t post photos or the names … of the taxi drivers, the journalists or the newspapers nor of the police officers, but if needed, we will publish them including their addresses, to see if by doing so the government will arrest them.

We can´t defend ourselves with a weapon, but if we can do this with their cars, houses, bars, brothels and everything else in their possession … It won´t be difficult. We all know who they are and where they are.

(Images with sound of explosions)

You made a huge mistake by taking one of us. Release him. And if anything happens to him, you (expletive) will always remember this upcoming November 5th .

Knowledge is free. We are Anonymous. We are a legion. We don’t forgive. We don’t forget. Expect us.”

But it is refreshing to see the group taking down targets that everyone can hate together. The internet is serious business.

[Insert required Army Anon sentence. While I may at times agree with the ideology of the movement. I, in no way, condone their illegal tactics, methods, or breaches of the US Government’s systems.]

(Sources: ARS Technica and Houston Chronicle)


  1. wat says

    Neat. That Houston Chronicle article is a perfect example of not doing your homework, though. The author conflates “Anonymous” with Wikileaks, and apparently can’t tell the difference between computer generated speech and a “Spaniard accent”. Also, couldn’t be arsed to google for other anon videos or observant enough to notice that the video is just the “What is Anonymous?”(youtube watch?v=x0WCLKzDFpI) video redubbed with some sort of Spanish version of Microsoft Sam.

  2. wat says

    Also, from what I can tell by checking the usual websites where anon raids are organized, there is probably no serious connection. This is not so much standard anon activity as it is a few people in Mexico who happen to also identify with the anon culture using the symbols and language of that culture. Not that I’m trying to imply it’s somehow inauthentic or something like that, rather that the media really are clueless when they treat the “Anonymous” phenomena as a group, rather than a general internet cultural identity.

  3. Steve says

    I differ with your opinion of Anon to a significant extend: I fully support their tactics and methods in most cases. For example, taking down the kiddie porn net was wonderful, but I feel certain that some laws were skirted in the process. I’ll call it “civil disobedience.”

    However, I am not fully behind hacking into government systems where the hack has the reasonable (as opposed to hypothetical) potential to harm innocents. If a government system is hacked for the purposes of exposing wrongdoing/whistleblowing, then I am all for it — 100%. But hacking the DoD network that controls where our warfighting assets are sent is a different matter altogether.

  4. Tsu Dho Nimh says

    I’m totally puzzled by the Spanish accent. Is Anonymous de Mexico outsourcing their video voice-overs?

  5. wat says

    I’m totally puzzled by the Spanish accent. Is Anonymous de Mexico outsourcing their video voice-overs?


    No. The voice is computer generated speech produced by a text-to-voice program. Such programs typically use formal variants of whatever language to used. Hence the accent.

  6. wat says

    Don’t forget that “Anonymous” also harasses players of children’s’ games with racist and sexual imagery, attack websites for people with epilepsy, and most of all, a huge number of them are themselves pedophiles. Seriously. It’s like people have never actually been to an imageboard. “Anons” might find it funny to pedobait and do otherwise Chris Hansen-y things, but many of the imgboards around have whole boards devoted to shit like stolen Flickr accounts of teenage girls, or shotacon(pedo hentai).

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