Jesus is Unconstitutional ;)

The Right’s favorite “founding father” gets thrashed…

World Batshit Insane Daily (WND) is up in arms about the most recent battle in the “war on faith.” Apparently at the bi-monthly meeting of the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners in North Carolina, officials would invite speakers of “all faiths and denominations” to give an invocation at their meeting. On the face of the issue, it sounds like a good-enough idea. But, “all faiths” does not ring as true with every prayer ends in giving all props to Jesus. [Read more…]

Investigation Under Way in Scott Olsen Shooting

Internal Affairs in the hizzle

The City of Oakland has started a Tier 1 investigation into the shooting of Iraqi War Vet Scott Olsen, who has now be upgraded to stable condition and will soon undergo brain surgery, reportedly to reduce the effects of swelling on his brain.

Scott is now conscious and able to communicate via writing on a notepad. Since returning from Iraq, Olsen has become involved in veterans’ affairs, specifically the high rates of suicide among returning warriors. He became involved in politics after the recent public sector cuts in Wisconsin.

The Tier 1 investigation will be treated as if the police had been using deadly force and IA will work with the city prosecutors to see if any of the guidelines on use of less than lethal munitions were violated as videos continue to surface of the crackdown. Oakland Police spokespersons continue to play down the extreme methods that were employed on the Occupy Oakland protestors, time will tell on what exactly happened and who will be blamed. [Read more…]

More Islamaphobia and Anti-Liberalism in Texas

This is why we can’t have nice things

Like many gun store owners, Crockett Keller offers concealed handgun classes at his store and is licensed to do so by the Texas Department of Public Safety. He will gladly teach you how to properly carry your weapon, unless of course you are a Muslim or Liberal, in which case “Fuck You.”

“I consider all Muslims our enemies, no matter how nice they are. I could not trust one and I, as an instructor, am not going to teach one how to shoot a gun and aid him in getting a license.” – Keller [Read more…]

Cop Versus Cop

Awesome in action

A Florida Highway Patrol Officer pulled over Fausto Lopez after she had observed the man weaving in and out of traffic at speeds in excess of 102 mph. The kicker is that Fausto Lopez is a City of Miami Cop and was driving a patrol car.

The heroic highway patrolwoman pulled the C.O.M. cop over, who no doubt was expecting a pass for being a cop himself (admittedly I always toss my patrol cap on the dash of my car when pulled over, but I don’t take a Hummer on an off duty drive). Mr. Lopez’s excuse, he had an off duty job to get to and could not afford to be late. [Read more…]

Conservative “Family Values” Politician Pedophilia Case #128,731.5

At least there is a twist of sorts… completely crazy, but a twist.

These days, before one runs for office, you take the time to get vetted. Lest political scandals arise as your opponent digs into you. So when Linda Wall, a republican candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates, decided to run, she knew she had a problem.

That problem is that she is an admitted pedophile, which one would assume would lessen the likelihood of a successful political campaign, but there is a twist. [Read more…]

Beck Mocks War Veteran

Of course he doesn’t check his facts…It’s Glenn!

A few weeks ago, Iraq War veteran SGT Shamar Thomas was featured on a viral video chastising the NYPD for unwarranted acts of previous police brutality at OWS.

                “There is no honor in this! This is not a warzone!” – SGT Thomas

Beck, took the opportunity to briefly scan the video before mocking it. [Read more…]

Scott Olsen Made It Through Two Tours and Gets Shot By American Cops

Because the natural reaction of getting pelted with paint is to shoot someone in the face

I have previously blogged about the dangers inherent in less than lethal munitions (read rubber bullets). Shooting someone is the head with one is as good as using real bullets when it comes to killing capability. It is one of the reasons that before issuing those types of weapons to Soldiers, we have to re-qualify with the ammo in a wide variety of simulated combat conditions. If I or one of my Soldiers were to shoot a kid in the head under similar circumstances, I would likely go to jail (Do not pass GO, Do not collect $200).

Apparently the bar is set lower in Oakland. [Read more…]