God Save The Queen

The U.K. rewrites succession laws

The U.K. has changed it succession policy for the first time in over three hundred years. Now, the first born royal child, regardless of gender, will be heir to the throne. Huzzah. Mandates from Heaven have never looked so sexy.

Interesting Note: In my current campaign of Empire: Total War, the reign of Queen Catharine led my glorious British army to conquer first the retched Catholics, then India, then squash the puny United States before marching from France to Western Russia. Under her successor, King Richard, I lost most of those gains. Can I haz my Queen back?

(Source: The Daily Mail)


  1. griblet says

    Alas, it’s still only a position paper — it requires all 16 “realms” of which the Queen is head of state to pass succession reform simultaneously. And that will happen in a year or two.

    But it is quite clear that if the eldest child gets to have all the toys, why not be equally arbitrary and select the youngest, or the middle, or the child fostered from Somalia? The sheer inequality and, in a modern industrial society, the sheer stupidity of a monarchical system — together with the class system that it implicitly sustains — is why I left the UK in the first place.

    As all right-minded republicans (lower-case ‘r’!) maintain, the monarchy should be reformed out of existence.

  2. Snowshoe the Canuck says

    It’s about time the rules changed. But I am in favor of Canada retaining the monarchy. Not very logical reasons, mind you. It is the only bit of our history most know, it annoys the Quebec separatists and it sets us apart from the USA, and it doesn’t cost the Canadian taxpayer a dime unless one of the royals pops over for a nice cuppa. Other than some wacky views on plant communication and homeopathy, the royals are much saner and less scarier than the rethugicans.

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