Cop Versus Cop

Awesome in action

A Florida Highway Patrol Officer pulled over Fausto Lopez after she had observed the man weaving in and out of traffic at speeds in excess of 102 mph. The kicker is that Fausto Lopez is a City of Miami Cop and was driving a patrol car.

The heroic highway patrolwoman pulled the C.O.M. cop over, who no doubt was expecting a pass for being a cop himself (admittedly I always toss my patrol cap on the dash of my car when pulled over, but I don’t take a Hummer on an off duty drive). Mr. Lopez’s excuse, he had an off duty job to get to and could not afford to be late.

Being a cop, like being an Officer, does not grant the right to flaunt the laws and regulations that we are employed to enforce simply because we have special status. Especially if we use that status in the pursuit of non-work related activities, hats off to the Florida Highway Patrol.

(Source: CBS Miami)


  1. Nentuaby says

    The cynic in me says that state cops love to ticket city & county forces… Gives ’em authority-boners. (I know some California Highway Patrol, who like to gripe about pissant junior forces, and Sheriff’s Deputies, who like to gripe about ego-tripping CHiPs).

    On the other hand, the empiricist in me is not much given to complain about things happening for the wrong reason when they are in fact the right thing. So cheers.

  2. Sithrazer says

    I saw this kind of thing a couple times a year when I worked in Pontiac, especially after the city had to cut some of it’s police force and the state troopers were helping fill in on patrol duty.

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