Conservative “Family Values” Politician Pedophilia Case #128,731.5

At least there is a twist of sorts… completely crazy, but a twist.

These days, before one runs for office, you take the time to get vetted. Lest political scandals arise as your opponent digs into you. So when Linda Wall, a republican candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates, decided to run, she knew she had a problem.

That problem is that she is an admitted pedophile, which one would assume would lessen the likelihood of a successful political campaign, but there is a twist.

When Linda Wall was a teacher (sometime last Thursday), she molested one of her female students. You see it, don’t you? Linda did it not because she is a jailbait trolling loony on the failboat, but she was in homosexuality at the time. See! As most of us know, it is a well solidified (if completely disproven) right wing meme that being all “gay-ey” makes one more likely to be a child molester. Since being gay and fucking little children are completely the same thing.

So with a wave of a hand and a Jedi mind trick, Linda is betting that by blaming her own actions on “the gay”, tossing a bit of pious repentance at the issue, and claiming that she is “all better” now can completely remove all of her personal responsibility for her actions.

Now that makes me think that the real reason the right does not want equal treatment for all is that doing so would destroy their favorite loophole that makes it ok to fuck little kids with the only penalty being a little bit of “pray away the gay” instead of the prison sentence she deserves.

The meme on jailbait is “20 to life? Where do I sign?”, not “2 days of prayer? Full Steams Ahead!” One is a deterrent and one is a wrist slap.

(Source: Truth Wins Out)


  1. wilsim says

    In wingnut world, as long as you say you repented for doing X______, you can do whatever you want afterward.

  2. says

    I’m so tired of the idea that homosexual == “kiddie fiddler”.

    I’m bi, myself, and I have NEVER looked at a child and thought, “Yeah, I want a piece of THAT.” The occasional OLDER teen (like, 16+), sure, but even that makes me feel kinda skeezy for thinking, “Huh, s/he’s attractive.”

    Anyway, how many more of these people are going to be exposed as either closeted gays (with Narnian citizenship) or kiddie-fiddlers before the sheeple wake up?

  3. Glodson says

    You know, I can agree with the fact that people change over time. We all do. And I think it can be absurd to call into question the character of a person for a screw-up they committed decades in the past. We all fuck up.

    This is different. First, having sex with a child isn’t a fuck up. It is a horrible act. Second, she isn’t taking responsibility for her actions. She’s trying to dodge it. That, in my view, makes it worse. Instead of accepting responsibility and attempting to make it right, she dodges it by saying “oh, I got better.”

    The woman is horrible. She’s a liar. And she’s attempting to smear homosexuals by blaming the lifestyle for her own sick sexual indiscretions.

  4. Francisco Bacopa says

    Junior High? They’re 14 at the oldest. 14 year olds don’t know WTF is going on, especially back in that day. Plus she was her teacher, position of authority totally screws up any notions that this might have all been consensual.

    And the fact that some dykey adolescents fantasized about this in their teens and wrote about this in there songs does not matter:

    BTW, if you’ve never heard heard this song, you don’t understand the sexual politics of the seventies and eighties.

    I think its possible that some adult/juvenile sexual experiences can be beneficial to both parties, but when you bring teacher authority into things, it looks like rape.

    This lady needs to be taken down. If she owned up to what she is and said the underage stuff was the only outlet she had in a repressive society. I might forgive her. If she took with an appropriate female partner and denounced her earlier activities she’s cool. But short of that, shes a perv and should have as much perv-ness slung on her as possible.

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