Beck Mocks War Veteran

Of course he doesn’t check his facts…It’s Glenn!

A few weeks ago, Iraq War veteran SGT Shamar Thomas was featured on a viral video chastising the NYPD for unwarranted acts of previous police brutality at OWS.

                “There is no honor in this! This is not a warzone!” – SGT Thomas

Beck, took the opportunity to briefly scan the video before mocking it.

BECK: The guy who was like there’s no honor in this, these people are unarmed, there’s no honor in this and I’m watching this [laughing] and I couldn’t take it anymore, because the video shows this Marine yelling [mocking crying voice] stop brutalizing, we’re unarmed! And the cops have their hands in their pockets. […] They’re like, “We know, we’re standing here.”

CO-HOST: What, you want us to brutalize you, is that what you want? […]

OTHER CO-HOST: That video taken from the right angle is just one panicked man screaming. As long as you take that picture from one side, it’s pretty dramatic.

Apparently Beck could not be bothered to watch the entirety of the short video. At the end, SGT Thomas explains that he had witnessed the violence earlier that day and was venting his frustration at the cops. Fuck you Beck, you support us as long as no one opens their mouth.

(Source: Think Progress)


  1. Mr.Fat says

    Thanks for informing me of this video i had to go and watch it. He is a very powerful speaker. beck can just go fuck himself

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