Thanks For The Support

The Donors Choose Science Bloggers for Students drive is about over and Freethought Blogs has taken the cake. First Prize for us as we crushed the other blog networks with our mighty hammer of Thor, not too shabby for a network that launched just a few months before the challenge started.

Thanks to everyone who donated on my page and the others on the FTB, with your help we were able to help thousands of students across the nation.

To readers of my blog, we did quite well in comparison to everyone else. Beat some, and got beat into a fine pulp by others. Sadly my pink tutu didn’t arrive before my mail got shut off so one of two things can happen.

I can wait until I get back to the states to perform a session of interpretive dance in appropriate costume.


You can post something of comparable humiliation that I can do with what gear I have on hand. (Two uniforms, body armor, my gun, a pair of shorts, flip flops, and a towel.)

My fate is in your hands.


    • Chrisj says

      The addition of a pencil up each nostril, and saying “Wubble” would surely be worthwhile. If you’re going Blackadder, do it properly. If you can persuade a fellow officer that Field Marshal Haig told you to do it, that’s even better. Although I guess that actually might get you certified insane.

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