Hot Damn!

Obama: Iraq war will be over by year’s end; troops coming home

Huzzah! I might be able to make it to the family’s pagan winter solstice fest after all.

The right is still bitching that we should say. However, that is the Iraqi Government’s choice as agreed upon by a republican President. Having us stay would be another invasion.

Let Libya be a lesson to the hawkish neo-cons out there. There is a better way to fight counter insurgency than to slam heavy brigades all over the world in a game of terrorist whack a mole. We don’t heal things, we break them. It’s our task, so use us wisely. Iraq won’t become a better place through the application of heavy foreign war-power. Now it’s time to see if the Department of State can finish the game that the DoD started.

(Source: CNN)


  1. chigau (almost) says

    We don’t heal things, we break them. It’s our task, so use us wisely.

    Can we get this printed on Military stationary and tanks and underwear?
    And something for the Politicians?

  2. F says

    You put forward this idea so well. Too bad not enough people realized from the get-go that the military was the wrong tool for most of the jobs post 9/11. (Never minding Iraq had nothing to do with any of the primary or secondary reasons given for invading in the first place.)

    I’m just thankful for those in the service who have managed to drag any positive outcome from all this on a daily basis.

    Y’all come home now. We’ll leave a light on.

  3. geocatherder says

    Happy, happy, joy, joy, joy…

    Of course, the real question is, how many of you get redeployed to Afghanistan to go play a deadly game of whack-a-mole after you’ve eaten your holiday turkeys?


  4. griblet says

    I’m just hoping that Obama Administration does indeed pull 99% of you all out of there! Don’t know if it will happen, but I sure hope that it does.

  5. P Smith says

    “troops coming home”?

    Don’t get your hopes up. Even money says they’ll be relocated to Iran or Libya – or both – to start another war, or wars.

    The US has been parading the phony “assassination plot” to build support for invading Iran. And chickenhawks have already talked about “stability in Libya” which is nothing more than rationalization for more meddling to control other countries’ oil.

    I won’t be the least bit surprised if it happens.


  6. Pat says

    Good to hear all of this … I’m an ex army officer (MP) and in my time I expected to be sent over first in the early 90s and later in 2002, but my time was up before anybody called. I’ve been worried for you since I’d first read you here on FTB, partly from the very real danger, and partly from what something like this can do to a person. We’ve gotten better at treating the physical injuries, not so much with the mental. Heck, it’s still a career ended to be a little down instead of a roaring drunk. I’ve been considering going back to school for psych to help out, since the Army seems to think you onlyhave a hole in your soul that needs filling with the spiritual equivalent of shit-on-a-shingle.

  7. Garrett says

    Dude, I’m really hoping they don’t just send you somewhere else. You need to be there at my wedding, and maybe Marshall’s too.

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