• F says

        Internet access goes very well with coffee. Good for you.

        Grimnoir. Oh, that looks to be right up my alley. On the list it goes.

        Stay cool, Assassin “Traveling Joe” Actual. 😉

        • says

          The author is great if you like your Sci-fi novels to read like a good B movie.

          Last day of the great relocation, should be able to start reading up on everything I missed later tonight. I heard that the hikers that got released from Iran joined OWS, so they clearly have been mindcontrolled by the evil muslims to hate america. More to follow and sorry for the delay.

          At least I have been making steady progress on MY shitty B sci-fi novel, 289 book pages down and nearing the 50 yard line. Will be posting bits and pieces of that too on a page of the blog. If that bit intrests anyone, I will need a few non military to read it and some ladies are a must. Trying to write my women like I like my coffee, strong, hot, and leaving me with scalding flesh wounds.

  1. Garrett says

    Dude! If everyone’s leaving Iraq, does that mean you’re going home or to Afghanistan?

    Also, check out the blizzcon news.

    • says

      My unit will have to recertify at NTC befor Afgan-i-land. But worst case, I will be stateside for another 4 months. Should be able to catch yours and the Magi’s wedding (forgot the date because I assume I would be over here).

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