Blaze Continues to Rage Against the 99%

For a movement that The Blaze was quick to downplay, it sure is getting a lot of page space

The good folks at The Blaze can’t seem to stop talking about an insignificant little protest movement that clearly can’t actually accomplish anything. From investigative stories that prove that young people have sex and smoke pot to highlighting every single stupid quote that they are able to mine from the more idiotic members of the protests.

Today’s target, the rich who support the 99%, apparently it is completely preposterous that the protests would want to include people with real pull (even if one is Roseanne).

I’ll just quote the caricature of the protestors that the right surely imagines when they envision the protesters, “It’s not the people, man. It’s the system that needs to go down.” And you know what, the idea even in its simplistic and unrefined form; still has a pinch of truth. Hypocrisy? No way, in fact that deserves a mighty cry of “bite my shiny metal ass.”



  1. Glenn Davey says

    I have no idea what this is about. Sentence structure is poor. Overall context for the subject is missing. This writer is a hack. Not returning.

  2. Glenn Davey says

    PS: It is always wrong to kill. You’re a hired thug. Shut up. You don’t deserve an opinion about anything.

  3. Felix says

    I suspect that a more descriptive name for ‘Glenn’ might be “The Blaze Sent Me”. I wonder how universally he applies the rigorous literary and moral standards displayed here.

    In any case our author (Mr. Actual), like all Americans, is entitled to as many damn opinions as he can manage to hold.

  4. ema says

    Glenn Davey no need to get all verklempt. Rest assured that Assassin Actual’s military service and blogging in no way obscure the fact that you are a moron.

  5. Crommunist says

    Great, now we have to find another village idiot. Where are we going to find a cantankerous troll, on the internet no less? Glenn, you shall be missed as a precious commodity, worth your weight in electrons.

    I got in a long fight with a guy I went to high school with over the Occupy movement. He seemed to think that because, unlike him, I wasn’t actually IN New York City, that my opinions were meaningless. “So, you’ve interviewed a representative sample of the crowd then?” I asked. His response “Yeah I talked to a couple.”

    I sent him the Wiki entries for confirmation and availability bias and had a chuckle at his expense.

  6. Glodson says

    I was going to write up a response to Glen up there, and then I realized that it was entirely pointless. He didn’t actually address anything of substance and pulled the “I’m leaving and never coming back” internet card. We’ve wasted enough time on this clown.

    Now, here’s the thing that is bugging me about the reaction to the Occupy Movement. Here in Dallas, a radio show was railing on them for not having the million dollars worth of insurance to assemble in a public park. I guess we only have the right to assemble if we have enough finical pool. Glad to know that is a part of the equation.

    Maybe what the people covering this, and the people watching this who are apart of the 1%, need to realize that this is a growing sentiment. Perhaps these protests will die down, but the anger isn’t leaving. It is a backlash to the attempts to restore the Gilded Age. So perhaps that attempt should be given up.

    Sadly, while the Blaze is blatant about their position, they are hardly the only outlet putting this movement down. But that’s not shocking considering who pays most of these outlets, be they online or on TV.

  7. says

    I take pride in my hack-itude. It’s not easy to whip up just a few sentances after you just pulled an 18 hour day. Also, with the pull out from Iraq ramping up, expect my posts per day to go down a little. Such is life.

  8. passerby says

    Saying as he’s posting from a hole in the desert, most likely after an 18-20 Hr. shift (Because I don’t think FTB is even accessible by NIPR) I can forgive him some horrible sentence structure or bad grammar.

    I don’t see it, though. The post is clear, well fitted and it flows. It’s easy to read and it gets the point across without being obtuse.

    Look at it this way: At least like some other trolls, he’s been good on his word about not coming back.

  9. says

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