The Masochism and Feudalism of the 53%

Because the only tax is apparently income tax

Who cares about how taxes like the payroll tax or sales tax, income tax is the only tax that matters to red blooded Americans? Who cares about the disproportionate effects those taxes have on the bottom? I don’t get a refund check every year! So fuck em’ that’s why.

We are the 53% and we pay that tax, so who cares if we 53% realize the same inequities in our society as the 99% does and have just as difficult a time as the poor in jumping up to the next tier in the social ladder?

Take the case of CNN’s Erick Erickson, who was is founder of “We are the 53%”. He works three jobs and can’t sell his house. What does it matter that one of those jobs as a pundit pays more than my mother’s, who is a medical doctor with decades of experience actually helping people? Who cares if he bought that huge house just last year for over three hundred thousand dollars? His life is still so hard! But he doesn’t blame Wall Street.

What about the member of the 53% who works multiple jobs but can’t afford health insurance? Don’t blame Wall Street, they assert. If I can do it, so can you!  Take the former Marine who works hard but has not had 4 consecutive days off in years, if he can do it so can you! It doesn’t matter his life is still shit.

Ok, but if the lives of the 53% are so awesome, why do they still struggling so badly? Imagine the life of the people who don’t earn as much as you or those who just graduated college and can’t get employed. The 53% are still members of the 99% but would rather spit on the people below them than shun the people above. Since they are just a pink slip away from falling in with the rabble they despise so much. The only difference is that the 99% are screwed past the point of caring about what the 1% thinks.

(Source: Think Progress)


  1. says

    the point is not that their lives are great, but that they’re “taking personal responsibility” and work hard without complaining even when life fucks them over, because stoically suffering is more martyr-like and more in accordance with the Protestant Work Ethic (also, I suspect a number of the ones who actually are suffering are having a Job-complex: their suffering is bringing them closer to God, blah blah blah). Working together to make sure people don’t have to live lives as shitty as that is so… communist and European, possibly even French.

  2. says

    I like Ralph Nader’s suggestion that certain financial transactions (like stock buy/sell/option put, etc) be taxed at a tiny rate. That would hardly impact anyone except for the organizations that move gigantic amounts of money back and forth constantly.

  3. Francisco Bacopa says

    Yeah, Some of the OWS people support a tax of .01% (that’s a ten thousandnth) on stock and commodity trades. Not enough to deter major trends in the market, but just enough to reduce volitility, raise some cash, and slow down day trading. Might actually push the market up as investors would have a moderate motive to seek to invest in companies with good ideas that would hire people and generate added value.

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