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“If a willingness to study science, math and engineering is an indication of being willing to work at hard stuff, there is no question that we are going soft.” – Fareed Zakaria.

Pretty much, that. Mr. Zakaria’s 6 October, Time article covers the aftermath of President Obama daring to criticize the fairy tale idea of American Supremacy in culture, society, and advancement.

(Source: Fareed Zakaria)


  1. jacobfromlost says

    American exceptionalism used to be based on working hard, learning, building on successes in reality, and doing what needed to get done.

    Now American exceptionalism seems to be based on “we believe we are exceptional because we are Americans who believe we are exceptional”. A kind of Sarah Palin view–we believe we are exceptional, therefore we are exceptional because we believe it.

    Once you replace actual learning, success, hard work, etc, with belief alone… you’ve just fooled yourself into failing by telling yourself success is magic!

  2. alanuk says

    Remember that a billion people know where Tallahassee is who did not know before.

    Nobody is going to force democracy on the United States. Nobody is going to invade you. Nobody is going to pressurize you into accepting neutral observers during elections. Nobody is going to count the votes for you.

    Nobody is going to force you to be the richest nation on earth. Nobody is going to force you to be the technological leader of the world. Nobody is going to force you to be the best educated in the world.

    Nobody is going to give you credit for what your fathers and grandfathers did. Nobody thinks that you deserve to have a competitive advantage over them. Nobody is going to arrange their affairs just to make you rich while they remain poor.

    Nobody thinks that the life of a US citizen is of more value that that of someone else. Nobody thinks that they exist solely for your benefit. Nobody is going to go away because you think they are no longer useful to you.

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