1. StuartVO says

    A while back when I read that you now command a desk, I thought that meant your days of dodging death were over.

    Clearly, I know fuck and shit of the realities of war in Afghanistan. :-(

    Hope things start looking up for you Real Soon Now.

  2. BCat says

    Noted a couple of SSSD the last couple of days. I guess the new base is more active… I hope you can get settled in soon, and things quiet down for you soonest.

    Also, this might be a good time to ask if you are ready to give your heart to Hank, and start kissing his ass .

  3. says

    Currently in Iraq, won’t be in Afghanistan-land for another 6 or 7 months (dwell time in the states being for sissies apparently). Hopefully I will be able to dry out in the states for a few weeks but with the Iraqi government being indecisive on what they want from the U.S., no one here really knows what is going to happen. Those that do are rightly keeping mum on plans.
    A desk job to me means that I don’t get to roll out as a combat leader anymore. My current job is assistant battle captain for US Division North and LNO to my widdle squadron (The few, the mighty, the three hundred). So if it is a slow day I monitor and resource a lot of our missions while browsing the news of the day, if it is busy then I help play command and conquer IRL.
    Things are getting busy here, the bad guys are not letting the US pull out uncontested. A lot of their tricks that they have not used recently are coming back in force. Last night it was a deep buried string of a few handfuls of big arty shells. Thankfully the new vehicles we use absorbed much of the blast (the vehicle is toast) but everyone survived with minor injuries after they were choppered out. Rockets are coming by the fistful as well so that some yokel can get some Jihadi street credit. 107mm Rockets are nothing to trifle with.
    Should be able to keep up posting for a while longer, but as December approaches I might have to go offline for a bit.

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