The Blaze on the 99%

Beckian extrapolations abound.

“Video Exposing How ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Was Organized From Day One by SEIU/ACORN Front – The Working Family Party, and How They All Tie to the Obama Administration, DNC, Democratic Socialists of America, Tides and George Soros” – The Blaze

Who needs Glen Beck and his chalkboard when his minions can make the same wild extrapolations for him? Just because someone once met someone else, does not imply that they used their brief interactions to solely focus on planning some diabolical plot sometime in the future when unforeseen world events somehow make the planets align. And really, what’s the deal with all the George Soros hate? Money equals free speech, which the right loves. And he has a shit-ton of it, which the right also loves. 

There is also a movement started on the right called the 53%ers, referencing the 53% who pay income tax. Never mind that payroll tax is a terrible burden on the poor but, if the economy continues to stagnate and wither on the vine, the 53% won’t be 53% for long.

I guess I am a member on the 53% who pay all sorts of taxes (the Army turned out to be a smart choice after all Sean, good luck at Starbucks) but I also get socialized healthcare  and dental, an amazing housing allowance, and since I am deployed, I don’t pay taxes on income earned in Iraq. So, that’s my plug for the Army. If you’re tired of eating Top Ramen and want to get that Harvard post grad education to join the 1%, see your recruiter and sign up to become an Officer*.

*Price of entrance – Small chance of brutal death, larger chance of a traumatic brain injury (on my 3rd), and slightly larger chance of debilitating metal issues, which if you’re afflicted by, expect that military will not provide you with the best care.

(Source: The Blaze)


  1. unbound says

    George Soros has been the focal point for Glenn Beck for a long time. He is among the few that fund liberal efforts, so a logical choice for the Glenn Beck conspiracy theories.

    Since “The Blaze” was founded by Glenn Beck, any “news” stories of this nature are to be expected.

    The “53%”ers are pretty new, and, so far, seem to be an astroturf group started by The Blaze or their backers. Their messages so far are pretty consistent with the Glenn Beck messaging.

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