Predicting the Flip

Predicting the Flip

Supporters and detractors of the “Occupy Wall Street” protests could have been predicted since 2004…at least.

Fox News, Bloomberg, and CNBC hate them. MSNBC and Current TV love the protests.  The rest actually seem to report on it. It’s sad that the most influential news sources in America can have their takes predicted on almost any story with near prescient accuracy (for you are the Kwisatz Haderach). As much as I dislike the tea party, I have to point out that the same tar and feathering that the left tossed at the tea baggers is now being served right back by conservatives against the Occupy Wall Streeters.

The truth is that everyone sees the problems; both movements just have vastly different views on how to fix them. Both groups claim that they emerged organically, both disputes that claim in the other. The cycle of smugness goes on. For one, I don’t understand how anyone can not believe in evolution, because right now we are nothing but a bunch of moneys hurling shit at each other. The majority of us are too focused on screaming louder than the other side than to actually listen to another person, who is just as screwed as you but only wearing a different political color.

There is a huge problem in American, it’s time we address the issue of inequity and the corporate after effects of globalization, rather than just make fun of how the protesters look (be it silly hats or awesome masks). Both sides have wing nuts, both sides have a handful of valid points, yet if we continue to hate on each other and not the entities like Magnetar that did this to us, then the 1% will continue to make us all dance on marionette strings. They got rich because they were well connected, well bred, and smart. We need to be smarter if we have any hopes of returning America to a more equitable society.

So to my fellow 99%ers, take a lesson from the Tea Party. Get organized, get on message, and work to define the message before the messengers define you.

Bet Against the American Dream”

You write a check for 10 million dollars.

Hand the check to a Wall Street bank, and ask them to make us a CDO.

Step two: they create the CDO, using risky stuff, very risky stuff, extremely risky stuff.

Step three: other investors commit hundreds of millions of dollars to the CDO.

Step four: we bet against the CDO, using a credit default swap.

Step five: the housing market crashes. The CDO’s value goes to zero, our bet pays off and we make hundreds of millions of dollars and before you can say step six, we’re rich!

We’re going to bet against the American Dream, we’re going to be on the winning team, purchase risky debt on a massive scale.

Then place a bet that the debt will fail. Hundreds of millions for Magnetar, the economy collapsing like a dying star.

No one will know till it’s on NPRRRRRRRRRR!, and who cares? It’s time to hit the town, this sucker could go down. The housing market’s losing steam.

And all we got to do to make our dreams come true is bet! Against! The American Dreammmmmm!



 (Source: CNN and NPR)