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Rachel Tabachnick Responds to Peter Wagner’s Appearance on Fresh Air

How Peter Wagner avoided the unflattering truths behind NAR

I love Fresh Air, but Terri Gross in not the best at getting guests to reveal what they would rather not. She is remarkably civil and that is one of her best qualities. Several times during the interview, you could feel how much she wanted to peel away the layers of belief held by Mr. Wagner yet she refused to do so. I understand her hesitance, when she got too close Mr. Wagner was sent into uncomfortable silence. He looks like a kindly old man and to destroy one on a national program is not Terri’s style.

Perhaps she would have pressed deeper if one of the younger prominent members of NAR had been the interviewee. Perhaps they sent Wagner to the program for that reason. But I have never claimed to know the mind of a crazy fundamentalist (only to mock it).

Rachel Tabachnick has posted an informative article at Talk 2 Action that highlights the subjects that Peter was unwilling to fully address. She also covers the wacky actions of the current leaders of the movement and their less than subtle ideas about Dominionism.

Give her a read!

(Source: Talk 2 Action)