Palin is Out, Christie is Out

Neither ever had a chance.

After months of leading the media on like a cheerleader stringing along a nerd (flashback to my high school existence), Sarah Palin has joined Chris Christie in announcing that she will not seek the highest office.

Chris Christie likely made the calculation that he was not what the republican base wants right now, meaning he is somewhat more rational than the hard line right wing Jesus that the right seems to desire. Surely his eloquent statement of being tired of dealing with the “crazies” (Read : Pam Geller and Jay Cubed), would have doomed his chances of ever pleasing the reactionary right who will determine the 2012 republican candidate.

I wonder if we have finally gotten over the former Alaskan governor. The pro-Palin documentary, The Undefeated, grossed just under $24,000 and anti-Palin documentary and books have yielded even less. The market has spoken, her detractors don’t care enough anymore. And her supporters are just numerous enough to make a few books yield a decent profit. But then again, if she didn’t have books ghostwritten for her, what would I get my grandparents for Christmas?


  1. Garrett says

    Thank Jeebus.

    On a side note, since you’re not on facebook anymore I’m not sure how to contact you. Would it be worth giving you the login to my battlenet account for the Diablo 3 beta? It does require a constant internet connection.

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