Is Atheist Money Tainted?

American Cancer Society tosses away an easy quarter million

Todd Stiefel, through his Stiefel Freethought Foundation, wanted to help fight cancer. His goal was to support up to 100 teams for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life under the banner of “Foundation Beyond Belief”. Furthermore, his family had promised to match funds raised by the teams to the tune of $250,000. The ACS promptly responded to this laudable act of charity by declining to aid his teams with logistical support.

Mr. Stiefel alleges that the reason behind the ACS refusal to support his foundation’s teams was because they are godless. The ACS, of course, has a different viewpoint; his foundation does not fit a new policy that only provides organizational support for national teams from corporations. Mr. Stiefel promptly retorted that his foundation is a corporation. Yet the ACS continued to withhold support for this attempted act of atheist philanthropy.

“Similar groups are being offered recognition as national team partners that we are being denied. That is unfair and that is the crux of why I am upset. Further, the $250,000 matching challenge we have offered has been ignored and rejected. That hurts more than you can know. I was trying hard to do something wonderful. Instead, my efforts have been frustrated by inequity.” – Open Letter to ACS

Since this event hit the intertubes, the ACS has backtracked on its initial position and has posted an open letter announcing a revision their previous “new” policy and Mr. Steifel posted his own letter (quoted above) but, the issue has yet to be completely resolved.

 Does the stigma of atheism taint money in the public sphere? How many of you would think that any Religious group that decided to seek similar support would have to jump through as many hoops just to fight cancer?

“Cancer doesn’t discriminate, why should ACS?”

(source: This Christian Century)



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    Here is an idea; pretend you are a detective trying to solve a crime. There are two traditional plots of course;
    1.) cherchez la femme
    2.) follow the money

    Now the A C S isn’t female, so that leaves #2; WHY won’t the ACS take that money?

    And the answer is VERY simple; they do not need it.
    And here is WHY they do not need it;

    ( the A C S is RICH. Very rich. The A C S directors get paid LOADS of money, quite a bit more than this one puny donation )

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