Are Anons Becoming the Progressive Response to Tea Party?

I may have spoken too soon when I called it a fail.

The Occupy Wall Street protests are continuing to gain momentum despite a slow start. Even with the left’s chronic problem of lacking a unified goal, one has begun to emerge.

“I am the 99%”

Shutting down the Brooklyn Bridge for a while, having New York bus drivers show solidarity by refusing to transport arrested protesters at the behest of the police, and spreading to other cities, the movement generated by Anonymous (channers affecting the real world?!?) is starting to take shape and break into the 24-hour news cycle in a much more substantive way.

Fox news has gone into full damage control mode. First they mocked the group on Red Eye but now they are actively trying to paint the group as wild radicals through the well worn method that all sides readily employ, selecting the most outlandish members of the group and airing those interviews.

Hats off to people like Jesse LaGreca, who when interviewed by Fox News offered a succinct defense of the motives of the group and delivered a smack down to Fox News and News Corp, which Fox declined to air. Any private entity can refuse to air anything they want. But this is Anonymous we are talking about, so once it is digitized, it is forever on the net and in the cloud. But you don’t have to crawl through mIRC or FTB to watch it, because Think Progress has it hosted for your viewing pleasure.

(source: Think Progress)


  1. Aspect Sign says

    the movement generated by Anonymous (channers affecting the real world?!?)

    While Anonymous did encourage its supporters to participate, generating increased publicity, the Occupy Wall Street protest is leaderless. The original call for and promotion of the demonstration came from the Canadian activist group Adbusters.

  2. cholten99 says

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Ghandi.

    While I admire the guys out on the street (even from 3,000 miles away in London) the main problem they have is just what you highlight about. Ask five people what they want and you get five different answers – and often they are nebulous things like “social justice”.

    Unfortunately as soon as people start trying to nail down concrete proposals you end up with in-fighting and group-splits. Such is the curse of the left.

    The right may be batshit insane but at least they can get behind a common cause.


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