Bachmann’s Last Ditch Effort

In the face of falling poll numbers, Bachmann appeals to Christians

God told Bachmann to run for President, apparently because god has a sense of humor.  In the wake of more electable candidates, her once respectable poll numbers are now in the single digits and falling.

Since god has apparently forsaken Mrs. Bachmann, she has now turned to his/her/it/whatever’s followers for salvation while speaking at Liberty University.

“Don’t settle for anything less than what this great and almighty God has planned for you.”

Well Mrs. Bachmann is going to have to settle for being what she is, rather then what the imaginary voice in her head said to her so she could justify her desire to run for the highest office. A politician that focuses on banging the social conservative drum while never authoring any legislation aimed at actually helping the country. A partisan hack when we need bipartisan cooperation.



  1. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    I don’t think we need bipartisan cooperation. Really. Look at the most bipartisan bills of the last decades – more often then not they’ve been bad bills. The tax breaks of the Bush era got bipartisan support and ended up being responsible for huge portions of the current deficit. Military authorization gets bipartisan support nearly every time, and how much have we spent breaking Iraq & putting it (a little) back together? What did we get for that? How much safety did we get for that trillion? We lost more than a 9/11 worth of US citizens in Iraq. Would we have lost that many from Saddam-financed terrorism? Saddam made WMD? Given that such wMD do not exist, that last seems particularly unlikely.

    Then we get the Patriot Act and its renewals.

    Seriously, the most bipartisan acts include some of the very worst pieces of legislation.

    What we need is a press corps that decides to report only facts and to hold politicians accountable for lies. If during interviews, you had people asking the questions say, “that’s not correct” the first time someone says something that is false, and, “Well, now you’re lying” if they repeat it in subsequent interviews, the lying would be very significantly reduced and SOME people might decide to have policy arguments based on actual facts. THAT’s what we really need.

  2. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    I meant the last decade, singular, but it might also be true of the 1990s – I just wasn’t paying as much attention to legislation back then.

  3. macallan says

    I wouldn’t be surprised if styling herself as “god’s own candidate” backfires with most christians, except her most rabid fanboys.
    That said, if her god picked her, shouldn’t she be winning?

  4. richardt says

    Allowing for a moment that there is a god, then if he or she is actually behind all those delusive enough to hear the voices calling them to run for election, has it occured to them that this being is capricious, even malicious?

  5. davidct says

    She has been outspoken about what she stands for to the point that most people can see that she is not suitable to be president. He success so far was due to anger at the status quo. It is now becoming clear that except for a narrow focus she has no meaningful answers.

  6. unbound says

    The problem with bipartisanship is that when one party is almost entirely bought by corporations, and the other party is 1/3 to 1/2 bought by corporations, the bills still come out firmly in support of them, not the people.

    We need two major changes to the current system to become functional again:

    1) Need to get money out of the equation for elections

    2) Need to get journalists in the mass media again (real investigative journalists) instead of this he said / she said nonsense

    Both of the above is the reason that Bachmann (et al) has gotten anywhere.

  7. says

    Whenever a politician talks about god wanting them to run for office, I hear Sam Kinison’s bit about god wanting Pat Robertson to run for president. “Well, Pat… I guess god wants you to look like a complete ASS in the political arena!” (from “breaking all the rules”)

  8. says

    What good would appealing to Christians do if Christ already said NO? (Or may he just hasn’t said YES yet. He does that, apparently.)

    OTOH, since Christ, if he ever existed, is dead, it makes sense to appeal to Christians. They are demonstrably alive, and can donate money.

    Which should drag the circus out a few more weeks if not a few months.

    Looks like Minnesota Palin won’t be getting a party nomination from Santa.

    A partisan hack when we need bipartisan cooperation.

    What exactly would a bipartisan cooperation look like? If it is anything like atheists and Christians coming to a consensus regarding the existence of god, it’d be useless.

  9. emaa says

    I recently saw this ad for a local storage co:

    Bachmann Says
    God Told Her
    To Run For

    How Come God
    Never Talks To
    Smart People

  10. F says


    “Don’t settle for anything less than what this great and almighty God has planned for you.”

    Look. If god were real and accurately described, how the hell could one possibly do otherwise? This is in the same category of thinking that god somehow needs help defending himself. If he existed, we’d all live in Their beloved theocracy already. Funny how he never smote places like India.

    Wherefore hast thou not smitest a single damned thing, my lord?

  11. says

    What good would appealing to Christians do if Christ already said NO?

    Yeah, the christians seem to think they have ‘free will’ – which is directly contradicted by the notion of an all powerful being that intercedes in human affairs. They can’t decide if their god a) does nothing b) is an asshole.

  12. says

    I should clarify on what I take as bipartisanship, I am talking about pre 1960’s, when most of Congress had greater interaction with the members of the otherside. Unlike today where they just shuttle in and out.

    It’s sad that we only get cooperation these days when the bills in question seem to limit our freedoms.

    Don’t get me started on the “Patriot” Act.


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