Super-Secret Squirrel Day

Long day at the office and right back in I go. SSSD is in effect. I will see you all tomorrow.


  1. Rufus says

    Love the demotivator, reminds me of the killer kangaroo urban myth…

    In essence, while doing the programming for an attack helecopter simulator the Australians wanted to make theirs as realistic as possible.
    Apparently kangaroos will scatter if you fly over them at low altitude, and in order to make the simulator as realistic as possible the programmers recycled the same scatter subroutine that they used for infantry, only with the movement rate increased to reflect the speed at which they bounce along at.

    The myth then goes that the RAAF pilots were showing off how realistic this was to some visiting USAF colleagues. They buzzed the kangaroos, which duly scattered behind a small hill, to everyone’s appreciation.
    However, this appreciation rapidly turned to surprise when two of the kangaroos hopped back round the hill and shot down the hapless helecopter with a pair of Stinger missiles.

    Apparently no-one had thought to disengage the “shoot back” link in the scatter programming. It left the USAF pilots with a new respect for the local wildlife though…

    • says

      Thats awesome, on the american side we have an FPS type game (the military version of Armed Assault) and that only has zombies, but now I really want cute hopping death to come along.

  2. fastlane says

    Attack kangaroos of DOOOOOOOOM!

    That is all. My plans for world domination just came a little closer to fruition.

  3. says

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