Fringe Returns!

I just caught the last half of Fringe’s (The X-files that makes sense) fourth season premier. With True Blood, Burn Notice, and Suits done for a while at least we have John Noble’s portrayal of the delightfully insane Walter to grace TV and computer screens everywhere for the next few months.

Good TV is hard to find and I am desperately in need of some good shows to get into for my daily two hours of free time. So, aside from Fringe, what are your favorite current shows? I have a big fat iTunes gift card that is burning a hole in my pocket.

Anyone who suggests Jersey Shore or anything with “Real Housewives” in the title will have an armed drone redirected towards their cable box/dish.


  1. says

    I strongly concur on SoA. That’s the only show on TV I actually make time for (I could use the DVR, but watching it in RT adds to the experience). I’ll toss in The Daily Show as a second.

  2. says

    I love SoA, Leverage, Warehouse 13 and Burn Notice. Those are the shows that I consistently download off iTunes (don’t have cable anymore.

    I would recommend any of those.

  3. JB says

    Gotta recommend ‘Allo ‘Allo- old BBC series, deeply silly and possibly offensive to folks of every description. Not sure how it’ll play with someone of your generation as it keys off so many WWII movie stereotypes, but I nearly choked to death on my beer
    watching the first few episodes.

  4. jolo5309 says

    I watch Burn Notice (CIA agent with Bruce Campbell as a co-star) faithfully, and wander in and out of Lost Girl (faeries exist and main character is a sucubus) and King (cop show set in Toronto)

  5. Archaeoangel says

    “Misfits”. It’s a BBC series. There are two whole series available, however; the first is only 6 episodes and the 2nd only 7 episodes. I guarantee you will love it. It has everything; mystery, intrigue, sex, humour, unusual super powers, petty criminals and I am addicted.

  6. Art says

    Don’t be diss’in my X-Files. And yes, it didn’t have a coherent story line, and the ending, and the movie, sucked, but at least they didn’t resort to having a donkey powered time machine. Such plot lines are an artifact of the Hollywood process where shows are pitched with the most outlandish stuff to get the studio attention, and then produced without a story line being written. The writers have to top the pilot and have have conclusions while keeping the door open for a second year.

    The traditional way was to have stand-alone one or two episode stories. The best X-files were the stand-alone monster stories. The never ending grand conspiracy plot line failed the same way every grand conspiracy theory fails. Any grand plot has to be both fantastically effective, and paradoxically, grossly incompetent. It can maintain huge secure sites worldwide with near perfect security but can’t quite stifle, and if perpetually threatened by, a couple of low-level FBI agents.

    It’s like the Death Star. A huge planet destroying machine that has a designed in flaw that allows its total destruction with a well placed torpedo. Quick, someone order a Storm trooper to get out there with a trashcan lid. The janitor stuffing an ashcan in the hole would screw the rebels big time. And if they don’t blow it up there is no call for the following films and prequels. That would be good thing.

    Current shows … well there’s … no, it sucks … but maybe … no it sucks also … Ummm … there aren’t any I’m familiar with. On the other hand there are a lot of good ones on DVD from years ago.

    I missed it first time round but have just completed the first season of “Dexter”. Good stuff. I’ve ordered the second year on DVD and understand it is better than the first year.

    A friend got the Babylon-5 box set, I missed a lot of the shows and would like to see the whole thing.

  7. Lauren Ipsum says

    Seconding Warehouse 13 (silly, fun, lighthearted, good cast interaction) and Leverage (good acting, very funny, awesome capers, kickass stunts DONE by the actors). W13 is on Season 3 (so 40ish eps), Leverage is on S4 (50ish eps). Also Eureka, which just wrapped S4 (80ish eps) and will have a short S5 — another funny, lighthearted, generally smart show with great cast interaction.

  8. says

    Misfits (UK) is a good one, and the Borgia’s if you liked HBO’s Rome. I also watch Eureka & Warehouse 13, but that’s more of a guilty pleasure than a recommendation

  9. David Utidjian says

    Big ++ on the Borgias (Showtime) but not available on DVD yet. Well acted, well set, well written… and a damn interesting story.

    Older series I liked very much was Foyle’s War (PBS). Most all the episodes are based on actual events that happened during WWII.

    I can’t wait for Dexter (Showtime) to re-start. 6 more days.

    I have also re-discovered ’21st century jet’ (PBS/BBC) which is only available on the interwebs. Five part series, full hour (56 minutes) per part. It is a documentary about the design and manufacture of the Boeing 777. It is interesting because it covers the entire project in detail… labor, economic, political, financial, technical, managerial problems all get presented throughout the series.

  10. Svant says

    Couple of friends swear by Castle from ABC which seems pretty good (with Nathan Fillion of Firefly/Serenity).

    I would also recommend Boardwalk empire which just kicked off its second season. Mafia stuff <3

  11. Kiwi Sauce says

    On the oldies but goodies side, if you like history, have you tried any of the James Burke series? I loved Connections when it showed on tv in the 80s (waiting on price to come down on Amazon), and he’s done a couple of others in similar vein. He assumes basic science/math ability to follow what he’s talking about. There are also some books by him on Amazon, a couple of which have been produced for the Kindle.

  12. Oakes says

    People have said Breaking Bad, Eureka, and Leverage, and I concur.

    My only other suggestions…

    Top Gear. Without a doubt the best “reality” show (in that it’s a show where 3 real dudes do crazy shit with real cars) ever made, and the only show I can think of that every single person I know likes, aside from Mythbusters. And there are 14 seasons worth of inspired lunacy on Netflix.

    The Lost Room. It’s only a six episode mini-series, but it’s some weird, trippy, mind-melting stuff done surprisingly well.

    • says

      The suggestions keep coming.

      I am going to start with SoA, Leverage, and a bit of Doctor Who. With all the suggestions so far, I should be good for a few months! Thanks everyone.

  13. hauntfox says

    It may or may not be on iTunes, but Dark Matters from the Science Channel is great. Hosted by John Noble, it’s a documentary series about scientific experiments at the fuzzy end of the ethics spectrum.
    Being Human from Syfy is really good (not sure if they’re going to shoot a second season or not). It’s about a werewolf and a vampire who move in together in an attempt to lead “normal” lives… but they discover there’s a ghost who lives in the house they’re renting, and things in general keep getting screwed up.
    You can’t go wrong with Borgias, Dexter, or Game of Thrones.

  14. Kiwi Sauce says

    I’m onto the last DVD of Fringe season 3 now. I love the series, apart from the odd gaping hole:
    – we’ll tell you stuff that’s above your security clearance because, you know, we trust you even though you haven’t had all the security checks that are performed for the higher clearance levels
    – 10 levels of security clearance, was 5 just not enough?
    – you have to trace cellphone calls via the traditional landline tracing methods and not via GPS or cellphone tower patterns

    Those are the ones that annoyed me most. Gah!

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