Chaplain’s Assistant Arrested for Trying to Bang Little Boys

Army Sergeant Jonathan McGeoch has been arrested after he allegedly used facebook to meet two underage boys for the purpose of sexual contact. As Rock Beyond Belief points out, “this doesn’t mean that we can draw conclusions about the scale, scope, frequency of this type of crime among the Chaplaincy.” But it does strike me with same sense of schadenfreuden as all the sexual misadventures of religious figures in western society do, be it having gay sex while publically demonizing homosexuality, diddling little kids, or worse.

In my ignorant opinion, saying that you speak for god can lead some people skipping down the road towards a full blown god-complex, no doubt those people would be the same scumbags even if they were secular but, I feel that some people can used twisted logic to tell themselves that their imaginary friend really wants them to commit that immoral action, perhaps being the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I am proud that the Army is fully cooperating with local authorities on this case, as it does with the grand majority of sexual crimes. It’s great that we caught this event before it destroyed the lives of two innocents and hopefully no other child has been harmed by Sgt. McGeoch.

Also, and completely unrelated to child rape, as I was catching up on my reading on Rock Beyond Belief, and because FTB is not accessible on army-net, I was disheartened to learn that one of my fellow FreeThoughtBlog-ians(??) that had been initially scheduled to speak, BlagHag, won’t be able to attend (QQ). I have scheduled my leave in hopes of being able to attend the event and had hoped to meet yet another of my fellow bloggers in the world of 3D-land. But since RBB has been rescheduled so many times during it’s “rocky” gestation, she had a schedule conflict with another conference. I guess I will just have to settle with listening to Ed, Al, and the rest of team godless. I’ll see you all there if the leave fairy decides to grace me with a plane ticket, I’ll be the ridiculously tall dude with the pink mohawk.

(By the way Andrew, I know you read this blog and if I am able to go I will be crashing at your place since you live on post, thanks in advance).


  1. BobApril says

    I’m not sure the religious belief really adds to the problem, here. I think it is more a matter of pedophiles/ephebophiles being attracted to the jobs that give them access to children. Some or many of them may not even have the religious belief at all – they just fake it to stay in the position.

    • says

      I don’t belive it contributes to motive, but it can contribute to means. CA’s have a position of spiritual athority and help out even at family services at home station, both are things that could be expolitied to take advantage of the trusting.

  2. says

    It’s very sad that Jen McCreight couldn’t make it due to a schedule conflict. She really is one of my heroes!

    You better come find me and introduce yourself too. Who knows maybe I’ll be blogging at FTB soon and you’ll have another e-neighbor to meet. Also, we have a few tricks up our sleeves still – so keep your eyes out.

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