FOX Quote-Mines Clinton

The more I read about President Obama’s new deficit reduction plan, the more I like it. It’s not the plan I would want in a ‘perfect world’ but, perfect worlds don’t exist outside of Azeroth, and even there Chinese gold farmers wreck havoc on inflation. I mean have you seen the price of gold these days? It’s enough to make a gnome cry.

FOX, likewise, thinks the plan is not perfect…how imperfect you ask? Just imperfect enough end America and usher in the rise of Stalin-Hitler-Mohammed as grand poobah of America. Faced with having to tell the world how evil Obama’s plan is and lacking any actual evidence by informed sources to do so, they have pulled out the tactic of quote mining with gusto.

Specifically, FOX blatantly twisted the words of President Clinton to say that he was against the “Buffet Rule”, Warren Buffet’s common sense idea that the rich should return to paying their fair share of taxes as the inequality of wealth in America is now on par only with third world nations.

Like always, Media Matters has the play by play.

From Fox and Friends,

BRIAN KILMEADE (co-host): Meanwhile, Bill Clinton was weighing in, because he’s got his Clinton Initiative here in New York. … Bill Clinton, of course, in the middle of the news, and of course it seems like every time the initiative takes place for him, there’s some major news story. He was asked about the Buffet Rule that the president announced on Monday — would it be effective to take billionaires and blame them for what’s going on? Let’s listen to what he had to stay.

CLINTON : Whatever you think about this millionaire surcharge, I don’t really care, because I would pay it, but it won’t affect me because I already pay the minimum income because I live in New York. […] But, you know, it’s OK with me. I’ll pay more. But it won’t solve the problem.

CARLSON: That’s amazing, actually. I don’t know if that’s gotten enough press. Bill Clinton saying that he doesn’t know if it would solve the problem, and in fact he went on to say that he found President Obama’s approach to the deficit, quote, “a little confusing.” Why hasn’t that gotten more press? I mean, Bill Clinton, a moderate Democrat from Arkansas — he would probably be doing this situation that we find ourselves in right now differently than President Obama. That, I find, very fascinating, and I find it even more fascinating that it hasn’t gotten more press.

KILMEADE: How about this? He says he personally doesn’t think that we should be raising taxes or cutting spending until we get this economy off the ground.

President Clinton said nothing to that effect and if the full quote was played, it would have been readily apparent but, since when has FOX cared about truth over rhetoric.

Yet, in other interviews given that very day, President Clinton went on to reiterate his personal core belief that nothing too radical should be done until we get out of our current economic slump and then express his support for the “Buffet Rule” and President Obama’s decision to delay tax increases until 2013.

From Media Matters:

Moreover, in other interviews Clinton gave at the meeting, Clinton makes it clear that he does support the Buffett Rule, even if it won’t eliminate the deficit all on its own. In an interview with Fortune editor Andy Serwer, Clinton first reiterates that he doesn’t think spending should be cut or taxes raised “until we get growth going,” but he adds that he doesn’t think Obama’s plan does so. Indeed, as The New York Times noted, Obama’s plan does not call for tax increases until 2013. From the Fortune interview:

CLINTON: Let’s make a distinction. Whatever is or is not going to be the law, the proposal the president made is the proposal that would not kick in until the economy has growth well under way. And I don’t think either Republican proposals to cut spending a lot or Democratic proposals to raise taxes, or to do both — I don’t think either — it’s wise to do any of that until we get growth going. I don’t we should do anything. And I don’t believe the president did.

Our Glorious GOP News Network strikes again. Give the article a full read for video and extended excerpts from what FOX reported and what was actually said.




  1. unbound says

    “…since when has FOX cared about truth over rhetoric…”

    Well, there was this one time…no, they twisted the truth then. How about…no, they cherry picked the data then. I think…no, they forget to add the other side. I got nothing.

    But mostly I disagree that Azeroth is the perfect world, even without the gold farmers… :-)

  2. CayVoo says

    But now is not the time for deficit reduction. Obama shouldn’t be proposing it now, nor endorsing the concept from his bully pulpit. Sigh.

    • says

      There is a difference between when it is proposed and when it comes into effect. There are the realitites of our slow political process to consider, to give it time to work it’s way through both houses. 2013 is a nice target area, because if that target shifts to far to the right it would mean that the economy is in a Japan-like freeze, which will be very very bad. I mean the health care act is just now starting to come into effect

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