The Oak Initiative, Drop it Like it’s Hot

Self described moderate evangelical leader Samuel Rodriguez has resigned from the Islamaphobic hate group, The Oak Initiative after freelance writer Greg Metzger interviewed Rodriguez for an article about Rodriguez’s ties the organization in response to a recent article over at Talk2Action that broke the story.

Rodriguez tried to worm his way out of responsibility by claiming he had little interaction with the Oak Initiative despite being its VP and having several videos of the evangelical talking dominion theology posted by the group in question. When Mr. Metzger confronted Rodriguez about the group, the preacher promised to quit the organization, voice his concerns over the vile hate they continue to spew, and express his regret for ever being associated with these hate-mongers.

Step 1 complete…now we wait for 2 and 3, or will Mr. Rodriguez simply hold fast and hope the news cycle forgets him so as to not burn bridges with a sizable portion of the American Evangelical population?

On a side note, like so many weasel politicians/lobbyists/activists, Rick Joyner, an Oak member claimed that Rodriguez left because of “increased responsibilities”. Rachel over at Talk2Action received your standard issue evasive dismissal letter.

Dear Rachel Tabachnick,

Thanks for your inquiry. Sam Rodriguez did recently resign from the board of The Oak Initiative citing as the reason being that his increased responsibilities with editing a new Spanish version of Charisma Magazine would prohibit him having time to give a meaningful contribution to The Oak. We have a deep appreciation for Sam Rodriguez and will miss his contribution to The Oak, but congratulate him for this new endeavor.

This change should be reflected on our website soon. Thanks again for the inquiry.

Rick Joyner

If Rodriguez is really as offended by the Oak Initiative’s positions as he indicated to Mr. Metzger, why wait to denounce these ignorant hate filled ass clowns? I eagerly await that press release.


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