The Jungle, yet another book Michele Bachmann has apparently not read

Has your food recently been missing that extra kick? That lil’ bit of old country taste that only occasionally made your brother contract that infection that then killed him. Well, Michele Bachmann wants to bring back that missing ingredient, being rat shit and other contaminates, by eliminating food regulations…

It’s the same bullshit republican justification of the private sector implementing self-regulation, which rarely happens because as Bachmann accurately pointed out, they reduces profits. That being the point of regulation, to force bottom line oriented companies from always acting like irresponsible children. I know most of this rabble rousing by the right is just that, talk, and probably would not be implemented if the right takes the White House in 2012. But it still makes my black heart all the blacker every time I read this stuff. Thankfully we don’t have FOX “news” running 24/7 at this TOC (Like we did in our last) or else the Army would be out another TV.


  1. unbound says

    From the article: “Ultimately, 3,000 people die from foodborne illness annually, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.”

    And that is under the current regulations. Morons like Bachmann want to roll back the already underfunded regulations so that number can grow to the 10,000s or perhaps worse.

    Of course, the rich won’t be worried. They already don’t drink from the public water system ($2 bottles of water work just fine for them for all their needs), and I’m sure they don’t go to the local supermarkets to get food either.

    And I’m getting real tired of the meme that these taxes and regulations are preventing them from hiring more people or expanding locations. Complete and utter BS. Lowering taxes or dropping regulations will only result in higher bottom lines…they won’t even use it to pay the workers more, and they definitely won’t use the money to hire more or expand locations beyond what they have already planned.

  2. says

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