On The Fence Without a Sofa

For those who don’t know, U.S. and Coalition forces are currently operating in Iraq by the request of the Iraqi government through the Status of Forces Agreement, which details what foreign militaries can and cannot do.  And come December 31st, It will expire; requiring all U.S. Military Forces to leave Iraq by that date unless extended.

Iraq has made significant progress in providing for the security of its people since the dark days of ethnic strife but, there are fears throughout the country that one of the only stabilizing factors may soon vanish (Iraqis have learned that at worst, we can be a neutral party in the mitigation of quarrels). I would keep my ear to the ground as many politicians remain quite on the subject. I half expect a last minute extension to keep us going throughout 2012, but don’t know more than the average Joe what really is about to happen. What concerns me is how silent Washington has been on this issue. I know P.O.T.U.S. radio (the best source of political talk in the US IMHO) has been mentioning the SOFA but the mainstream, not so much.

Whether you support the war or not, we find ourselves on the precipice of a great decision point; one that will have ramifications on the world for years to come and all I hear are crickets.


  1. Greg Laden says

    Good point. This blog post prompted me to write to my man in DC to find out what he knows. I’ll let you know if I hear anything. Maybe they just need a reminder.

  2. says

    Ich war vorhin in einem Möbelverkauf und hob mir ein Stuhl aus Stoff erworben. Das ist echt mordsmäßig und erhöht die Wohnung! Hat jemdand ein Rat wie ich da ein Spruch platzieren kann…? Riesen Thank!

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