KBR Sucks

For a few days, I found myself thinking the unthinkable, “Gods damn it,” I said to myself. “I miss KBR.” A few weeks of being back on US rations was enough to whitewash the litany of sketchy stuff the company has committed in Iraq, a few of my favorites being; cost plus exploitation via burn pits, showers electrocuting Soldiers, failing to treat drinking water for any foreign organisms or viruses, washing our clothes in dirty sewage water, hiring prostitutes to service their employees, and failing to provide their employees with any of the training or education necessary for survival… the list goes on.

But I guess when you go from eating crab legs to brown slop, you find yourself in a forgiving mood. Until I read this story, and thankfully all that hate filled my black little heart all over again.

KBR is suing a woman who claimed that she was raped while working in Iraq for KBR in 2005.

Jamie Leigh Jones lost her 145 million dollar suit last month and now KBR is seeking 2 million from her for their defense fees. Even though the jury did not decide in Jones’ favor, her claim strikes me as very possibly true given the company’s shady nature. They already screw Johnny Taxpayer over for millions, and there is a history of sexual crimes in Iraq to boot. But, I guess KBR wants to make a point to its employees, shut up or you will face our crack legal team and we will go after you.

If you are not familiar with contracting in Iraq, the film Iraq for Sale is available on YouTube. Watch it, because if you’re an American, you are paying for it.


  1. Tx_Secular says

    The movie, “Iraq for Sale” is eye opening. It is especially timely given the current discussions about US spending.

  2. Ted H. says

    KBR. What weasels. One of them stole my Gerber when they were fixing the A/C that shorted out my CHU.

    The TCNs that worked for KBR would vent to me a lot when I was escorting them around. Apparently they are not treated very well, either.

    • says

      From what I hear, most TCNs are lured to the middle east with jobs in “Dubai” and only after paying the high job proccessing fee are they told they are going to Iraq. And the choice is go or loose the $5k to $10k job finders fee, which to a TCN is their life savings.

      • Ted H. says

        I heard through the rumor mill that TCNs don’t make as much money as they used to. Considering were where most of them come from, it is still a pretty lucrative job for them. KBR found out that they could cut the salaries and many would still flock there because it was more money than they could make at home. The government contract doesn’t change, so KBR just pockets more money. Like I said: weasels.

  3. Patricia, OM says

    This scares the crap out of me.

    We are trying to get ready for the influx of women veterans about to come home in our county in rural Oregon.

    We’re not ready for this. I’m the only woman here. I’m not a veteran, I’m the widow.

    I don’t want your wife to be me.

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