Sam Harris and the Burning Ring of Fire

Sam Harris is having a time over on his blog after suggesting taxing the ultra-rich of America. After the exodus from his subscriber list, he has fired back with another post featuring some of the commentary he received.

 Sorry Sam. I used to praise and promote your works. You’ve lost me. Your promotion of theft by initiating force on others is unforgivable. You’re just a thug now, attempting cheap personal gratification by broadcasting signals which cost you nothing, just like Warren Buffett.

Theft by initiating force…, yet when they call it War and the rich speak a different language, would that commentator be still opposed? Somehow, when you ask for the money with democratic law its tyranny and when you take someone else’s shit with a gun, its called liberation. Sometimes the best part of deployment is being away from all the stupid that comes with America.



  1. Rambling T. Wreck says

    This pisses me off. Much. If someone enjoys the benefits of being an American and isn’t willing to pay a fair share of the taxes that make that possible, they need to GTFO right now.

    America does not need them.

    In my view, tax evasion (whether by simply failing to pay, or by bending the political system so you don’t have to) is a form of treason.

    • says

      That being said, I get my whole year’s pay Tax Free while I am in Iraq. Maybe the super rich should come over to this glorious tax haven. The locals could sure use the tourism.

  2. unbound says

    The problem is that understanding all of the issues involved in how the rich get rich (actually less about being smart and hardworking, and a lot more about being uncompromising and greedy) is difficult for most people to understand. There are a lot of moving parts. Many people (not just republicans) still think that capitalism can actually work in a complex economy. Hence, the naive libertarians get some attention, but the republicans garner even more when they cry foul (usually only for taxes, notice that they are silent each time the DoJ lets yet another merger take place…the exact opposite of capitalism / competition).

    Until people wake up and realize that when most of the corporations are making massive profits (and not paying their workers very well on top of it)…that means there is a lot less competition than they think (actually closer to a belief). Until people wake up and realize that they will never become one of those rich because those rich are not looking out for them to succeed…no matter how hard they actually work. Until people wake up and realize that the rich aren’t working against them, the rich just don’t care about them other than the minimum amount of money & benefits to keep them at their jobs. Until these things start happening, expect the masses to continue believing in their dreams…

  3. Graey says

    The comment about taxation, force, and theft sounds like it came from a Libertarian, not a Republican. Libertarians are in fact usually anti-war when talking about something other than self defense. I don’t know your commenter’s affiliation, of course, but that’s what it sounds like.

    – Bill (ex-libertarian)

  4. says

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