The Adventures of DOMA

Since the only argument left against marriage equality boils down to “God hates it”, Representative Boehner’s lawyer, Paul Clement, defending the Defense of Marriage Act has resorted to deliberately skewing the research of Professor Lisa Diamond to support the anti-equal rights case, Gay.Americablogs reports.

“They have completely misrepresented my research.” Said Diamond when she was interviewed about the case.

Opposing lawyers have since filed a brief with the judge on the dishonest presentation of scientific work.

“Professor Lisa Diamond, the author of two of the academic articles Plaintiff seeks to strike, has submitted an affidavit testifying that BLAG has in fact distorted her research and that she never would have agreed to testify to the propositions BLAG has advanced in its papers.”

Rock Bottom and still digging. The only hope for the right on this case was a motion to have conservatives congressmen participate in the proceedings which was of couse denied sometime last Thursday and now the pseudo-science is being weeded out. Unsubstantiated rhetoric may get a law created, but truth will tear a bad law down.


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