Aug 24 2011

NAR Gets Some Fresh Air


Talk2action.org’s Rachel Tabachnick gave Terry Gross a 39 minute summary of the New Apostolic Reformation, it’s ties to the right wing, and the movement’s core ideology. The segment is well worth the listen as nothing is better than two smart chicks talking about some crazy, crazy stuff. Click here to listen.



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    Hey, I’ve really enjoyed your posts on Ftb. Why isn’t your banner/link to your blog showing up on the main Ftb home page any more?


  2. 2

    I was just going to post the same question as tac above. I just stumbled upon this blog as it was listed in the FtB most recent section. Otherwise, there is now way of knowing that this blog is part of the FtB group. This applies also to Camels with Hammers and perhaps other blogs I am unaware of. What FtB desperately needs is an updated drop-down menu with a complete listing of the individual blogs, much like Sb has. I do enjoy this blog, and am glad I did stumble upon it. I am looking forward to more postings!

  3. 3
    Assassin Actual

    This blog and a few more are going live on September 1st to let me get some kinks worked out and to complete the transfer of my old blog withouth screwing up the main page. I will update daily(ish) untill and beyond then though.

  4. 4
    Neil Rickert

    I listened on “Fresh Air” this morning. Insane stuff.

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