Arab Spring Update

And so, after almost 6 months of civil war, Tripoli has been taken by rebel forces. The final chapter of the armed revolution has been written, but the fight for freedom is just beginning. However, it’s sad to see social conservatives moving to fill power gaps as soon as the more liberal youths succeeded in defeating these authoritative regimes. As dictators continue to fall throughout the region, NGOs and Western governments must continue to exert shaping influences to protect fundamental human rights and continue to shove a belligerent cultural mindset towards the 21st Century.

A quick update on Arab Spring hotspots around the world:

          Tunisian women are expressing fears of losing rights in the face of a new government.

          Protests in Iraq continue weekly (I watch them on Fridays) as the younger generation pushes for increased government competency amid fears of a complete US pullout. Iraq’s Prime Minister has condemned the Arab Spring as “benefiting Israel”; possibly setting a conciliatory tone with internal extremists to preserve stability over continuing Iraq’s relatively secular trends.

          Continued instability in the region continues to keep exiles from returning home, often the very people possessing valuable job skills and expertise.

          A chaotic Egypt continues to clash with Israel, resulting in the deployment of US military forces to the region in order to preform Stability and Support missions.  

As with Afghanistan after the exodus of the Soviets, ADHD America has a tendency to move on to other things once the exciting shooting stops only to reap the consequences later down the road. So continue to motivate your representatives and get involved with NGOs active in the region, or else the sacrifices of so many could only result in a new set of dictators, worse than the old ones. As we say in the army, “SSDD”.

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