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Dec 03 2009

3 weeks to Christmas

I wanted to have my rewrite of Bible Con and first draft of Dyke for a Day done by Thanksgiving.  I also wanted to have a business plan for the former ready for my trip to SC at Christmas.  You know, so I could sort of test the waters for raising the money there.  So …

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Oct 11 2009

Zoetrope: *headdesk*

I’m so over Zoetrope already.  I think it could be a useful tool except that 90% of the people there are either completely touchy or arrogant assholes. Or both. That other 10% is non-vocal and/or driven away by the other assholes. So far, it’s not worth sifting through the shit to get to the good …

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Oct 08 2009

Good and Bad; They want to read my script, hopefully I won’t vomit!

Good: 1. Email from very legitimate and known lit management company: Congrats on placing in the Semi’s of the Nicholl Fellowship! I’ve actually judged plenty of screenplay contest before so just placing in the semis is a wonderful accomplishment, so again, congrats!!! I’m a literary manager at *** we rep some of the hottest up …

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Oct 06 2009

Zoetrope: Thoughts

I have now read and reviewed two scripts on this site and I was impressed.  They’re not great scripts, but they’ve got potential.  And they are so much better than the crap I was stuck reading when I read for development.  (With the exception of the Gumby script, that shit rocked!) I read a fantasy …

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Oct 05 2009

First Act: One person officially liked it

Woo! Minor adjustments and it may be ready to ship off!  I’m still waiting on one reader to send their thoughts, but it’s always so exciting the first time someone reads something you’ve written. I also signed up for Zoetrope.com where I put up Bible Con to get thoughts.  I have to review 4 other …

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