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Sep 06 2011

Do Be a Dick (sometimes): Emotions and Skeptics

We need to be thinking about how to use emotion, we need to recognize that we’re using it whether we intend to or not, and we need to recognize that there are different tactics and, most importantly, room for people who have different tactics.

Sep 20 2010

Real America – Roy Zimmerman

I couldn’t find these lyrics online anywhere, and I really love them, so I just… did them. You should buy Roy Zimmerman’s album of the same name. There’s a place called Real America. I heard about it from a rich politician. It magically appears, Especially in election years. Life is good in Real America. It’s …

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Jul 27 2010

Things to Make You Angry – Lots of Links

More money for Homeopathy in UK Despite being ridiculed by the British Medical Association, homeopathy products will still be available on a tightening NHS budget Evil Parents A Beavercreek couple who left their infant daughter’s fate to God rather than seek medical treatment for a mass that grew over her left eye will face charges …

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