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Feb 11 2010

Alexander McQueen

I am not, generally, a fashion person.  I mean, I enjoy a pretty dress and Project Runway as much as the next person, but I am generally way more interested in costumes than I am in fashion. Hence my love for Alexander McQueen.  Who has killed himself at the age of 40, only a few …

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Jan 22 2010

This is the gayest thing ever

To start this off, I am not a Figure Skating fan, in as much as I don’t follow figure skating, and I only like men figure skaters and the US seems to be mostly into it’s lady figure skaters. And then there’s this boy… man, I guess, he’s my age anyway. He apparently has a …

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Jan 18 2010

Project Runway 701

Seth: Looks drugged out.  I tend to like the contestants that are on the edges of the age range, either super young or super old.  He looks way older than 37 around his eyes.  Maybe because he’s dressed like a British school boy.  Shots of his previous work don’t impress me, nor does his speech, but they …

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Jan 14 2010

Project Runway! Season 7

I’m very excited that there’s a new season of PR starting tonight because last season sucked.  Reasons this season will be better: 1. It’s in New York again.  LA sucked. 2. Michael Kors and Nina Garcia are in like every episode. 3. It couldn’t be worse than the last season. 4. Heidi is preggers.  This …

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Sep 25 2009

Project Runway 606; unimpressed

I mean seriously, this was a challenge that could have been so badass.  Only one person did anything interesting with it.  Epperson, or however the hell his name is, did this really cool Firefly inspired denim coat dress thing that was balls out. Everything else was boring, uninspired, or just plain bad.  I’m sad pretty …

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Sep 18 2009

Project Runway 605; Tim Gunn gets catty

I’m a big Project Runway fan, and last night they did one of my favorite things they’ve ever done, newspaper as the material.  I think that what I love best on PR is when they do unconventional things.  It seems the designers really make something creative and beautiful when they have to work with something …

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