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Dec 06 2009

Otters are the opposite of depressing

To cheer up after previous post, have otters.

Nov 23 2009

Back to our Regularly Scheduled Programming: Pitching, Zombies, Glee and Otters

So, I have actually had a good couple of days.  I had a pitch with PitchQ.  They’re a service that records your pitch and posts it online.  I submitted a pitch to a specific call and got to go in and record it without paying the usual fee on the website.  It was a really …

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Nov 16 2009


I’m sorry I’ve been so lacking in interesting things to say.  At the moment I’m just showing up to work and trying to write a business plan.  I’m doing a slight re-write of my Nicholl Script, “Bible Con”.  I’m hoping to have it and a new script ready to send to Nicholl this year. So, …

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Nov 09 2009


Haven’t done this in a while.

Sep 27 2009

Otters 3

Sep 14 2009

Otters 2

Weekly dose of otters.  This week, baby otters are even cuter than the adults.

Sep 09 2009


Pharyngula has a weakness for Cephalopods.  I have a weakness for Otters.