Curtis on Working the Door; Naughty Kitchen

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Naughty Kitchen: Review

A crazy bad review. I think this person has gone a bit off the deep end, but I understand why he didn’t really like the show.  I couldn’t keep any of my male friends in the room while it was on.  The girls seemed OK with it.

My complaints about the show were all about structure.  I think the people within the show seem interesting but the pacing and storyline seemed jumpy and unfocused.  I didn’t really understand what the show was about, it had no through line.  I mean, the review was supposed to be the through line, but I never even got the sense of what sort of timeline this was happening in.  They should make everything feel like “A week in the life” or something, even if they’re faking more interesting events into a week than actually happen.

And it was frustrating, a lot of the people who seem really interesting, I don’t feel like I got to see at all.  Not much Curtis or Sam or Kerri.  And while I like Blythe, she can be a little grating if she’s all you get to see for an hour — and I’d have liked to hear more from her that didn’t sound like she was reading something the producer had written for her to say.  This didn’t feel very real at all.

I’m hoping the next show will be a lot better because it’ll be all about Blythe trying to make a comeback from this review, which will give it some cohesion.

I think that Blythe being on TV is great, I think it’s good to have some females on TV who aren’t thin, gorgeous, or nice but still manage to be talented and successful.  Blythe is very much a woman in a man’s world and she’s really rough around the edges, I just hope the show will let us see what’s beneath the gruff, pink exterior.

Also, isn’t Curtis the cutest thing?  My roommate thinks he should be a model or go on Project Runway.

Curtis, Me, and Amanda

Curtis, Me, and Amanda

Naughty Kitchen Premiere: Tonight!

10/9c on Oxygen.

I promise to review it just as fast as possible.  You might be curious as to why I’m so obsessed.  Well, for starters, I <3 Curtis, the door whore who got openly mocked on The Soup last week.  And for seconds, Blythe Beck is essentially a drag queen.  And she’s a pale, young redhead who struggles with her weight.  I mean, I’m nowhere near as fat as she is, but I think anyone who’s ever been even a little bit fat tends to join her hatred of skinny people who ruin food.

Because skinny people ruin food with their low calorie, low taste, low life bullshit.

Hulu has some clips.  The Dallas Morning News, who gave Central 214 a terrible review (featured in Episode 1) back in the beginning of the summer, had a great review/introduction to the series.  Another decent overview here.

And for the technical minded, here is a link to a great article about the technical setup at Authentic Entertainment, the company that makes Naughty Kitchen, starring their Post Production Supervisor Will Pisnieski.

For those of you curious about this Naughty Kitchen thing

Naughty Kitchen premieres Tuesday 10/9c on Oxygen.

“Blythe is someone who was just born to be on television,” explains The Naughty Kitchen With Chef Blythe Beck Executive Producer Lauren Lexton. “We (Authentic Entertainment) really enjoyed making the food-themed shows we did before (Ace of Cake, Best Thing I Ever Ate). And, we also love doing what we call docu-soaps, which are shows about real people living their real lives. This show is just a perfect combination of both of those.”

Darn copyright laws

They’ve already taken down that The Soup/Naughty Kitchen clip apparently. I can see it because it’s mine but apparently no one else can. Boo.

I officially have my own cubicle at work and that is very exciting. Weird working for a place for 11 months without ever having your own space. I will now be able to leave my jacket at work for when I get cold instead of lugging it to and from work every day. Huzzah.

Girlfriend’s gonna decorate!

The Soup: Curtis from Naughty Kitchen

So, Curtis is my new favorite person. We met in for real life last week, and he’s charming and funny. And his hair is really that… three-dimensional. It works for him, really. I think he does take a lot of shit for it though. Anyway, all that goofy stuff he says is self-aware; he is being intentionally ridiculous. But whatevs, funny!

Anyway, Curtis, who I heart, on The Soup, which I heart to death, yeah, that works for me. Maybe someday Curtis will be invited to do a goofy guest appearance with Joel McHale.

Anyway, who knows if the video will get taken down for Copyright reasons, so watch it while you can!

The Gayification of Lady TV, Ctd.

Drag Queen Dressed like Blythe Beck

Drag Queen Dressed like Blythe Beck

I told you.

The gays need to get all over this.

Other news is happening but I don’t want to jinx or dwell so… just going to keep my fingers crossed, and update you when I feel safe doing so.

The Gayification of Lady TV

Lifetime and Oxygen are, I think, trying to take the Fab Gay Crown from Bravo.  I mean, Lifetime desperately fought tooth and nail to get Project Runway.  And it’s, of course, the most fantastic, gayest thing on TV.  It should be noted, that I <3 the gay.  <3 it bad.

But, for those of you who doubt Oxygen has the capacity to get out of it’s old lady brand, Naughty Kitchen is going to be just as gaytastic.  The lead character is as husky voiced and sassy as your average drag queen, though she is in fact a woman.  Her obsession with pink and feminization is an extreme gender performance perhaps one step below Divine’s.  But the cast of characters takes this even further.  The women are almost all extremely loud, brassy and independent, and the men are almost invariably gay.  Gay gay gay gay gay.  You know what I’m talking about.  Finger snap, head snap, eyebrow.

Could it be gayer?

I mean, 1, look at the hair, and 2, count the amount of bj mouths.  It’s gayer than men kissing in front of a rainbow runway with hair stylists and makeup artists singing “Body Beautiful“.*

So, I mean, obviously I’m telling you to check it out, I’m waiting in great anticipation!

*Full Disclosure: To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar is the first movie I have a strong recollection of seeing in the theater, probably because I saw it a half-dozen times thanks to a babysitter completely willing to leave me at the theater and it being the only not rated R movie for a few weeks.