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Mar 22 2010

A comment about Eddie Kritzer I got today

This is a lesson I will never forget (with the scumbag Eddie Kritzer): This is the letter I jsut sent him today: “Mr. Kritzer, I sent you the letter 75 days ago to terminate my agreement with you. I will give you until This Friday (March 26) to return the $700 (or less before your …

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Jan 11 2010

Hello people from Writer Beware Blogs!

There is always a surge in traffic around here when another blogger has an encounter with Eddie Kritzer.  His comments now go directly to spam here because they’ve become a bit graphic and horrifying.  My favorite excerpts from the e-mail he sent to Victoria Strauss. “Your to busy being a busy body “old decrepit lady …

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Dec 06 2009

Eddie Kritzer: I thought he was gone

Eddie Kritzer seems to be going to unrelated posts and commenting with ad hominem attacks.  I’ve told him there, but I’m posting it again, I don’t want to block anyone, but I’m not patient with people who simply post trying to get some sort of emotional rise out of people.  There are plenty of places …

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Dec 01 2009

All my scam are belong to Eddie Kritzer; the saddest troll on the internet

It’s that time again folks, time to read from the mixed up comments of Eddie Kritzer.  It’s really so sad.  Still, you’ve got to be impressed by a man who takes his reputation so seriously that he spends his late evenings writing out his every accomplishment on the blog of an alleged woman of no …

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Nov 22 2009

Eddie Kritzer Cont’d Again

Retaining the fidelity of the font: “Really how nice of her, all her comments (according to my attorney are libelous.” —- Excerpted from Expert Law: The most important defense to an action for defamation is “truth”, which is an absolute defense to an action for defamation. A defense recognized in most jurisdictions is “opinion”. If …

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Nov 21 2009

Eddie Kritzer Cont’d

His response to my email: “Which incorrect blog are you talking about?” Boy does this say a lot.  I think he just saw my blog and sent me a blanket threatening e-mail that he sends all blogs that say bad things about him.  And there are quite a few*.  Which makes sense, since nothing in …

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Nov 20 2009

Further Harrassment from Eddie Kritzer

Hi Ashley, I’m another Ashley Miller and I just got this harassing email from a guy named Eddie Kritzer, who seems to think my email address is yours.  I did a search and came up with your blog, which was where I found your correct email address.  Anyway, I thought I should forward this to …

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Nov 19 2009

Eddie Kritzer: Leave me Alone

I have, for the past TWO MONTHS been dealing with this asshole Eddie Kritzer.  I sent a pitch in response to a Craigslist posting, which turned out to be to this guy who called me and said that he wanted $600 to read my script.  As in, he liked my pitch and therefore wanted me …

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