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Jul 19 2012

SC Christians: Harry Potter makes them CRAZY MAD

Oh, man, here I thought I was going to go a little while without dealing with any hyper local news, but in my fair state, in my fair city, something absolutely, mind-shatteringly, hysterically pathetic is happening.  (That many adverbs necessary when talking Harry Potter, just ask Stephen King). My local library is doing a series …

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Jan 20 2012

Ron Paul: People seriously vote for this guy

This screencap alone speaks volumes.

Dec 10 2009

Reality TV: People are Crazy

The thing about reality shows is that you’re working with people who have to be willing to be on TV.  And the thing about people who are willing to be on TV is that most of them are crazy. Today, there was sent an e-mail to a show that the producing team spent probably half …

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