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Feb 01 2013

Psychopathology Sum-Up: Types of Antidepressants

Weekly series! As per previous discussion, I will be publishing a big information blog on each Friday. Unfortunately, it’s midterms for me, which means a shorter post for you. Blame the paper(s) and exams and readings and stuff. I promise to be back on schedule next week. Also, I’ve commissioned a post on bulimia from Tetyana, …

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Jun 22 2010

Psychiatric Diagnoses are not voodoo

The Hazards of Psychiatric Diagnosis Read the whole thing if you want to understand my rage. Here’s the paragraph that made me stabby: Medical diagnoses are real. When you learn you have pneumonia, diabetes or even cancer, you quickly discover that there are potential remedies. There are scientific tests and studies to diagnose the disease …

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