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Talking about my new work in abortion access on Spar with Jamila: http://voiceofrussia.com/us/2013_09_13/Abortion-rights-organization-Provide-1675/

The Non-Religious Patriarchy article from Cross Currents, available for purchase at Amazon.  (Academics on others looking for a copy, feel free to e-mail me)

March – Prop 8 Media

Me on Politico video where you can see just how terrible the conditions were.

Same photo in galleries at the LA Times and Politico.  You can see how creepy the statue is in the LA Times version.

Me on the NYTimes video talking about waiting to get in.

Me talking to CBS Los Angeles about the line.

Me on WUSA9 about people who are paid to hold lines for others.

Me on Red Alert Politics about hoping to get in.

Talk Radio News Service decides my name is Ashley Madison when interviewing me after the case lets out.


“E-books,” chapter 15 in Communication Technology Update and Fundamentals

Rally to Unite Against the War on Women Speech

My speech starts at 57 minutes. (transcript)

Voices of Russia interview about War on Women

Article that won me VIP pass at Reason Rally


A Matter of Doubt 18

In this episode of A Matter of Doubt we continue our discussion with Ashley. She argues that atheists should approach debate with more passion and emotion. Before a person will respond to logic or evidence, she says, one must first care about the topic and truly understand the emotional depth of what’s being discussed. Our approach must therefore bring about a visceral response before anything else. Is this not the approach from pastors that theists are more accustomed to hearing? Will such an approach rid us of the all-too-common claim of elitism or condescension?

A Matter of Doubt 17

We are very pleased to have as our guest on this episode of A Matter of Doubt,  Ashley F. Miller. Ashley is the media coordinator for the Freethought Society of the Midlands, one of the four local groups in Columbia that made it possible for the creation of the Columbia Coalition of Reason and recent billboards. She first explains her rather unique deconversion story. For the majority of the episode, we speak on several posts from her very successful blog and some of the incredible hate mail (and love mail!) we have so far received as a result of the billboards. Ashley’s fantastic posts compiling some of this mail can be found below.

Sermon for the UU about Prop 8 and Emotions

Do Be a Dick

My presentation about emotional rhetoric that was given at TAM and Dragon*Con.

Geek Week Podcast 4

This week on the Geek Week Podcast, we review Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, The Other Guys, Alan Moore’s latest Neonomicon, and talk about Verizon and Google’s plan to end net neutrality. Bryan Daggett and Gabe Evans are joined by Greg Gustafson, Jarrett Kaufman, and Ashley F. Miller to discuss all things movies, comics, and tech.

Geek Week Podcast 3

This week on the Geek Week Podcast, we review Dinner for Schmucks, The Veil, Firefox 4.0’s Tabcandy, and Starcraft 2. Bryan Daggett and Gabe Evans are joined by Greg Gustafson, Jaret Kaufman, and Ashley F. Miller to discuss all things movies, comics, tech, and video games