Sick, Job Worries

Ugh.  I partially hope it’s swine flu.  But not really.  I’m just woozy, it’s my main symptom.

There are some cool things in the works career wise, including a web series that I may be able to edit/color correct the entire series and be paid.  I might even get to DP, which would be exciting, I miss DPing.  But, the contracts are in negotiation, so I don’t wanna jinx it by saying too much.  The people are really cool and I’m hoping to get their input on my Nicholl script at some point, probably after the next draft.

Max Adams, the girl who is one of the more famous (and cutest) Nicholl winners and who, weirdly, shares a name with a guy I went to Film School with and who holds the record for worst punishment ever at West Point, is also on Word Press.  I hold secret hopes that this post is about me, though I’m sure it probably isn’t.

There’s some mild chaos at work in my department, I’m hoping it gets resolved in a way that doesn’t lead to me losing my job.  I’d much rather leave for a better job than desperately search for any job that’ll have me.  If you got here because I sent you my resume, hi and welcome!

I’ve gotten nothing but sleeping and lazing about done in the last few days.  I’ve been watching an unbelievable amount of movies and documentaries about Tudor England.  I’d be hard pressed to explain my obsession but I’ll go ahead and blame the fact that I thought I looked like Queen Elizabeth as a child.

swine flu

Nicholl Fellowship

I’ve gotten some hits from Search Engines about the Nicholl Fellowship, so I thought I’d do a little post explaining what it is and how I’m doing in it.

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The Gayification of Lady TV

Lifetime and Oxygen are, I think, trying to take the Fab Gay Crown from Bravo.  I mean, Lifetime desperately fought tooth and nail to get Project Runway.  And it’s, of course, the most fantastic, gayest thing on TV.  It should be noted, that I <3 the gay.  <3 it bad.

But, for those of you who doubt Oxygen has the capacity to get out of it’s old lady brand, Naughty Kitchen is going to be just as gaytastic.  The lead character is as husky voiced and sassy as your average drag queen, though she is in fact a woman.  Her obsession with pink and feminization is an extreme gender performance perhaps one step below Divine’s.  But the cast of characters takes this even further.  The women are almost all extremely loud, brassy and independent, and the men are almost invariably gay.  Gay gay gay gay gay.  You know what I’m talking about.  Finger snap, head snap, eyebrow.

Could it be gayer?

I mean, 1, look at the hair, and 2, count the amount of bj mouths.  It’s gayer than men kissing in front of a rainbow runway with hair stylists and makeup artists singing “Body Beautiful“.*

So, I mean, obviously I’m telling you to check it out, I’m waiting in great anticipation!

*Full Disclosure: To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar is the first movie I have a strong recollection of seeing in the theater, probably because I saw it a half-dozen times thanks to a babysitter completely willing to leave me at the theater and it being the only not rated R movie for a few weeks.

Researching Mormons

My re-write has come to a complete halt at page 7 because I’m writing a Mormon character and don’t feel like I know quite enough about LDS to be able to plot her exactly.  She’s nebulous.  I may skip over her scenes and come back, but I hate doing that.  In this re-write, her struggle with her secret Mormonism is meant to be a defining characteristic.  Unfortunately, I don’t know any Mormons who’ve married regular ol’ Christian folks, so I have to scour the internet for personal recollections.  On the one hand, thank FSM for the Google, on the other, it’s a time suck google is my dear and glorious leader.


She leans in conspiratorially

I’m 6 pages into a revision/rewrite.  The first act isn’t changing much, so that’s going pretty quickly.  The title of this post is a phrase that appears probably ten times in my script.  It’s always something.  Strangely, I totally missed this and it took F reading and commenting for me to see how often it’s used.

Now, I’m off to Mormon up a character.

God Listens to Slayer!

Final Draft Frustration

Apparently you’re supposed to deactivate your Final Draft before installing Snow Leopard.  Otherwise it will think you’ve used that activation code and refuse to let you reactivate it.  And if it’s a holiday weekend, you probably won’t see a response for days and days.  And then, all that writing that you’d been saving up for your holiday weekend probably won’t get done.

I’m not mad at Snow Leopard, it is sleek and wonderful.  I’m mad at Final Draft.  Maybe it’s time to learn a new program, I’m just so familiar with Final Draft and all of my writing is already in .fdr files.

If you have suggestions for other script writing software, I’d be an easy convert at this point.


Today, I’ve been very productive in as much as I put this site together.  And I got a new office chair so that I’m no longer sitting on my fold up metal one at the computer at home.  Imagine editing for hours on a chair that makes your butt fall asleep in 15 minutes.  F finally made me go get a new one, and I feel that this was a good choice.

I have not, however, gotten any writing done, and there are at least three projects that I feel the need to be actively writing.  But I’m also just tired and feeling organizy rather than creative, so perhaps I’ll hold off for a while.  I’m reading Alison Weir’s Six Wives of Henry VIII and enjoying it immensely.

I also broke my wrist two years ago, and the past two weeks it’s been hurting whenever I use a mouse or type or write for very long.  So, that’s been a difficult work around.

Here’s broken me:

The Charles Cagle

The Charles Cagle

The Bio

I’m not really sure how people make a blog a destination site.  I guess it’s got to be insightful about the process or something.  Like, writing about work.

I guess I’ll just go for the light introduction.  I got an MFA from FSU in Film Production in 2008.  Before that, I started working on films in Atlanta as an undergrad at Emory University.  The first film I worked on I volunteered for a professor and soon-to-be thesis adviser known as Evan Lieberman.  He’s now in some Yankee state making movies and professing.

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Switched Layouts

I like this better, it’s got the left sidebar, which I find infinitely preferable.  I’m not sure why, but I really really do.  I believe the top image is customizable, which I imagine I’ll mess with at some point, but I don’t have a graphic the correct size.

Now I am going to go to bed.