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Nov 20 2010

NaNoWriMo Day 19: End in Sight

Finished: 41610 words 10 chapters 206 pages 63% of the way through the month 83% of the way through the word count 8390 words to 50k Remaining to finish novel: ~50000 words 12 chapters ~250 pages 46% Complete to estimated length Projected finish date: Dec 10

Nov 12 2010


I haven’t been writing enough this week. I think only a couple thousand all week. I’ve been busy, is part of it, and I haven’t felt that well on top of it. I have a stomach ache that’s lasted since like Wednesday. This corresponds with my attempt to eat slightly better. Maybe my digestive tract …

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Nov 07 2010

NaNoWriMo Day 6

20% of the way through the month! Right, so, I’m about 48% of the way to 50k, which is good. I have 26217 words remaining to write to win NaNo. According to my computer models, this is about 16 hours of work and, at current pace, I’ll be done on November 14th. My excel sheets …

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Nov 04 2010

Cinematic Appraisals: Scam or Science?

I’m a writer, which means that I have to spend a lot of time looking out for scams trying to take advantage of me.  There are fake agents, fake contests, and fake publishers who are all trying to get my money by promising me riches and fortune and, most importantly, an audience.  If anything can teach you skepticism, …

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Nov 03 2010

NaNoWriMo Day 2

Some stats for you (really for me): Day 2/30 (7%) Words for Nano 11500/50000 (23%) Words to Minimum Publishable Length 11500/80000 (14%) Chapters 3/21 (14%) Projected length: 98000 (196% nano, 122% min publishing) Projected time frame to 50000 ~7 days Projected time frame to 98000 ~15 days I don’t think I’ll be keeping this pace, …

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Oct 23 2010

I’m Excited

This is a list of my Top 10 Films. My Top 10 is not the 10 movies that I think are the best movies ever made, they are the 10 movies I would sit down and watch at any time, anywhere and love as much as the first time I saw them. They aren’t in …

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Aug 31 2010

Road Trip

I am about to drive to South Carolina, on Friday, from LA, which will be quite the adventure.  I’m planning on being in SC for the next couple of months, working on some various projects, and hopefully getting some writing done.  Debating pursuing more screenplays or another attempt at a novel, it’s weird though, I …

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Aug 06 2010

Hitch on AC360

I confess I cried watching it.  I have a somewhat irrational emotional attachment to Christopher Hitchens, he has such an eloquent and engaging approach to writing and speaking.  I don’t always agree with him politically, but I think everyone has to admire the honest way he’s approaching his own death. AC: In a moment of …

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Aug 03 2010

Blame Jen McCreight

I’ve been reading fanfiction for the first time in several years and it’s all Jen McCreight’s fault. The premise for this fic is that Harry Potter is hyper-rational and it is, essentially, pointing out how logically flawed the Harry Potter books are.  With love, obviously.  It’s surprisingly enjoyable, so if you’re a skeptic and an …

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Jul 22 2010

Nicholl 2010

Didn’t make it to the QFs. I’m bummed, but trying not to be too bummed.  I know the script is in much, much better shape than it was when it SFed last year — I’ve got industry reader feedback, so it’s not just my opinion.  It comes down to the fact that it’s an incredibly …

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