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Jan 28 2013

Monday Miscellany

This is Boo. He is the most rascally of rascals.

Hi! Remember me? I’m Kate, and I used to write regularly. [Everybody: Hi, Kate!] I disappeared last week when stress piled onto writer’s block piled onto school and my brain decided that food was THE MOST STRESSFUL THING EVARRR. But I’m back! And more importantly, this guy just started living with me: His name is …

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Jan 15 2013

Link Miscellany: -isms and -ists

Excellent things that other people wrote! Fighting childhood cancer and the awful Stanislaw Burzynski at the same time! With your help, the Skeptics for the Protection of Cancer Patients plan to [raise] at least $30,000 by [Burzynski's] birthday, then challenging the Burzynski Clinic to match whatever they raise, with the total amount going to St. Jude Children’s Research …

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Dec 25 2012

Holiday Miscellany

Happy Christmas if you celebrate–and I hope you weren’t too inconvenienced by everything being closed if you don’t. I’m going to be absent for a few days, so here’s some wonderful written things from the past week.  Ozy Frantz has this awesome post on the important difference between unhealthy relationships and abuse. Also this one about …

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Dec 11 2012

Auld [Link] Syne

I’m home from staffing the Chicago International Model UN conference! I no longer have a radio in my ear, I’ve had a whole night of sleep, and I think my blood is no longer more coffee than platelets. So, to celebrate, I wrote the eight page paper that was due today. Finals week, man. Because I’m …

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